Gimme A Pinch

Yesterday at about the same time, I was walking down our driveway in West Virginia.

Belle waiting for Mama and K.

Or getting ready to. Meg was already down the driveway. Belle was waiting for Mama (that’s me).

And K?

World Class Mouser

K wasn’t thinking about the driveway. Or Mama. K was thinking about the mouse or mice cowering under our propane tanks.

Driveway in Autumn

We finally left without her. She did eventually come along. If you look REALLY closely, you can see Meg is already at the end of the driveway.

Half-empty (or Half-full?) Tree

Our morning walks are a WV routine. I’m hoping the girls can convince Hubby to walk with them. Since I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in New Jersey.

Meg smiling as she walks.

Sometimes it’s weird to think about where life takes us. Saturday, I was in a place that looked like the Alaskan tundra. Sunday, I was happily strolling through the woods with my three favorite canines.

Belle, with her favorite raccoon, waiting for Mama.

Now Monday finds me in Somerset, New Jersey.

This morning, early, I sat alone in the hotel dining room eating breakfast. I was surrounded by very serious-looking people in business suits. This was at 7:00 AM. They were all suited up and raring to go. I had just thrown some clothes on (after showering, I should add) and gone down primarily to chug-a-lug some coffee.

I had a USA Today to peruse while I ate. One poor woman at a nearby table had her laptop out and was working. There was a “chef” in the corner frying up some eggs. Waiters were milling around, doling out coffee and orange juice, clearing empty plates, etc.

It was only a five-hour drive from the WV place, but it feels like a different world.

A much nicer view.

I’d much rather be strolling through the woods with my dogs. And having that instant-oatmeal breakfast with my Hubby.

Don't you just love these colors?

A girl’s gotta work, right? It just doesn’t seem real sometimes. You know?

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  1. Your WV home is gorgeous. Lovely countryside.

    Yes, it’s funny how physically close different worlds can be. When I’m in work-mode, I’m usually oblivious to slow, coffee-drinking leisurers like you and when I’m on vacation, I feel sorry for those suited rats running around in a frenzy.

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