Snow Belt Confirmed

A little over a week ago, I did a post on what I thought was our last snow storm of the season.

I was wrong. We got snowed on again.

Main Street in Old Town Warrenton
Main Street in Old Town Warrenton

Lucky for us, we only got a few inches.

Main Street in Old Town Warrenton
Main Street in Old Town Warrenton

It was very cold, though. And downright miserable. I am really ready for Spring now.


The dogs didn’t mind the snow too much.

Bell and K Wrastling.
Belle and K Wrastling.

Belle, who is BADLY in need of a haircut, and K enjoyed some outdoor “wrastling” for a change. They usually wrestle in the basement.

I made a little slideshow of them playing.

How badly does Belle need a trim? Our youngest, Eric, and his fiancee, Kelsey, came down for a visit last night. When Eric saw Belle, he thought she was a new foster dog I hadn’t told him about. As soon as it warms up, she’ll get bathed and trimmed.

Holding Out for Spring
Holding Out for Spring

The daffodils are blooming. It’s really time for Spring.

Saturday, it was like 60 and partly sunny. Really. Here’s proof.

Brianna (12), Joey (5), and Gaige (9)
Brianna (12), Joey (5), and Gaige (9)

The grand kids spent the weekend with us. On Saturday afternoon, I took them for a walk around town so Hubby could get a power nap.

They were hamming it up for the camera. And I wasn’t too serious about shooting, which is why this super-cute pic (I think) is blurry.

This next shot is my favorite from our stroll.

Gaige, Brianna, and Joey at the Courthouse
Gaige, Brianna, and Joey at the Courthouse

Although this next one makes me laugh. There’s a story behind it, which you have to read to appreciate the humor in the shot.

As we were walking through town, Gaige and Joey were walking ahead of Brianna and me. Since I was letting them be goofy in pictures, every now and then Gaige would stop and say, “Here’s a good place for a picture!”

As we neared my friend Janet’s store — The Empty Nest — I told them not to get too far ahead because there was a store window we had to stop at.

When Gaige got to the window, he looked in, and yelled back to me, “Brianna can stand in front of this one!”

It’s very pretty and VERY pink.

I made them pose there for me. The boys were not happy. Here’s that pic.

The boys were not loving all the pink.
The boys were not loving all the pink.

They DO make me laugh.

More kid pics to come in the next post!

8 Replies to “Snow Belt Confirmed”

  1. So I do have to ask – did Joey wear that red shirt all weekend? Did he ever take it off? He came home wearing it under his St. Paddy’s day shirt on Sunday. Lol. (I packed it as a sleep shirt – haha).

    And the pics are cute. I think I’m gonna have to steal them 🙂

  2. loved today’s post…. Wow Belle looks like a wooly mamouth!
    Please spring come soon I am so done with the cold….

  3. Laura had told me that she saw the pics from today’s post so even though I only just now got home from work (it’s after 10:30pm), I had to check them out. And omg, those kids are freaking adorable and awesome and I love them all!

  4. Amy, I don’t know what was up with the red shirt. But he never slept in it. The boys don’t wear sleep shirts. No need to steal the pics. Ask nicely and I’d probably even give you the big originals. We had fun, just not enough time to squeeze everything in.

  5. Did you tell your grandsons that real men wear pink?? Cute pictures of the pooches and the grandkids. Nice little slide show you put together too.

    Dogs seem to love snow – unless they are too short to squat in it..

    Has the snow melted yet? Now that it is spring our rains have started. 17 hours straight so far, sigh.

  6. Hello,

    I see you ride motorcycles as well and are waiting for riding season to start too. The snow in my part of the world (Saskatchewan) won’t seem to quit this winter either…

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