Oh, That Voice

Y’all know I have this sorta crazy — in a good way — moto-blogging friend named Fuzzy, right? Fuzzy’s real name is Rachael. She’s really very sweet, and cute, and charming. And she has a quirky sense of humor that I love.

She had this idea that it would be fun to hear what other moto-bloggers sound like. Since not many of us have actually met in person.

I usually like Fuzzy’s ideas, ’cause we’re kindred spirits in many ways. And this one sounded kind of fun, too. The “kind of” part being me getting to see and hear other moto bloggers.

Lynne at Curvyroads.info did it. And she did it well.

Fuzzy did it, too, with her usual creative panache.

I didn’t want to be a spoilsport, so I figured I’d do it. Even though I’m extremely uncomfortable in front of a camera lens.

I shot it sort of ad hoc, as I was waiting for some soup to finish cooking last night. I hate the way I look in the video. Truly. I almost decided to ditch it, put on some decent clothes, maybe a bit of makeup, and try to do a better job with my too-long hair.

But then I figured that would be silly. One, because I don’t usually wear make-up. Two, because I always wear comfy clothes, and I like my Alaska sweatshirt. Three, I’m not one to put on airs.

Most important, y’all might not recognize me if I didn’t look like my old self.

So, here it is. No snazzy soundtrack or fancy edits. Except where I had to splice two videos together because I accidentally shut off the camera while filming.

ToadMama’s Voice

I hope you all enjoy this video. I certainly don’t.

21 Replies to “Oh, That Voice”

  1. Thanks, Sonja. I hate my voice, too, and don’t think it’s sweet, or ladylike. LOL. I’m not sure I have a ladylike bone in my body. I think you should do it. 🙂

  2. You now? We are all so hard on ourselves. I too hate the way I look and sound but – I just figured, whaddayagonnado? This is the face and voice I’m stuck with.

    People who know you personally KNOW both of those things well and you’re fine with it, you don’t give it a second thought. I think it’s just when you show those things to “strangers” that you end up feeling sensitive about it. People on the internet are supposed to see the “perfect” you.

    I love that you shared this, you being just as you are – and that is wonderful <3 🙂

    And I especially love the way that Kay looks like she's been caught red handed when you first walk in the room 😆

    1. Thanks, Fuzz.

      I’ve always thought I looked like a giant dork, I just don’t whine about it much. But, like you said, it’s kinda what I’m stuck with.

  3. Great job Kathy. So good of you to participate.

    Must be a woman thing that we all don’t seem to like pics and such of ourselves but everyone else thinks they’re just fine.

    If someone wants to hear my voice they’ll have to call the office when we’re closed. I am the voice of the outgoing message……” you have reached the law office of………”

      1. Well, hubby did find a short video he took of me two years ago and I am speaking in it. I may send you that one.

        Oh and I forgot to tell you. My hair is shorter than yours now. 🙂

        1. What?!? Because mine is so horribly overgrown? Or you decided to go spiky? 🙂

          I’ll be looking for that video.

          1. No, because about a month ago I chopped it all off. It is about the same length as Sonja’s, like I had it about 5 years ago. Damn humidity and long naturally curly hair were getting to be too much.

            I’ll check on the video when I get home.

  4. What the heck is up with you examples of the moto-blogging community, Fuzzy, ToadMama, and Lynne?!

    With all of your genuine niceness and your cuddling with adorable pooches and your cooking soup and, Kathy, your loving grandmotherliness… Y’all are giving motorcycle gangs a bad name. Where are the knifings, the trashed barrooms, the felony behavior, and the poolroom brawls?

    Great videos. Thanks for being brave and sharing.

    1. Ryan, that could be used against us in a court of law, you know. Only the “normal” personas get broadcast. LOL!

    1. Thanks, Lynne. I did practice at that (becoming a broadcaster) for a while. I think that’s why I have no Baltimore accent.

      1. Well, you did good, because I can usually pick up on a Baltimore accent! My hub did a lot of his growing up around Bowie, and he still has a lot of family there. As a matter of fact, we are headed there for a small family thing in mid-March. Hmmm, if time permits maybe we could meet? We will be in Silver Spring on the 14th and 15th.

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