BBBC #7 – A Daydream

I daydream often. Even more often when I forget to take or run out of my ADD meds. (Yes, that’s a real condition adults struggle with, too.)

Foamhenge_(Natural_Bridge)More often than not, those musings involve travel. And since riding the bike is my favorite form of travel, I often daydream about motorcycle trips. Usually there’s a specific destination involved. because of the roads leading to that place, not because of the destination itself. Or, I’ll find something — a place or an attraction — I want to see and imagine all the different routes I might take to get there.

Lately, though, my most often recurring daydream has focused on me, in my 50th year, taking a decent chunk of time off work and just riding. I’d arm myself with a bunch of maps — I am a map lover — along with some clothes and such, and just go. You know, on a wee bimble.

The only endpoint of the trip would be home. I’d really like to visit Illinois (the state with the highest concentration of Muffler Men — have you visited American Giants?).

On the UP

I’d probably stop in Indiana for a day or so (personal reasons). I have never been to the states of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, so might as well motor through there. Spending a day or two relaxing on a beach sounds nice, too. I’d swing through Georgia, which I hear is beautiful AND a couple of like-minded folk reside there. While in the neighborhood, I’d probably meander through the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Maybe explore Kentucky a bit more.

Crap, I forgot to mention Canada.

I’d like to pop into Canada for a bit, just because I’ve never ridden there, and I hear some nice folks call that country home. I’d almost certainly head back south through Sault Ste. Marie so I could see the Mackinac Bridge, maybe meandering around Michigan’s UP for a bit before crossing the bridge and continuing south.

Or, even better, heading west across the UP and riding south to reach Illinois and Indiana from that direction. It looks like I should plan on allowing some time to explore the UP a bit while I’m there. Lots of natural wonders to see.

Here's how it looks so far...
Here’s how it looks so far…

That’s 7.5, 8-hour days. And that’s roughly plotted on main routes. I’d be mostly on secondary highways and back roads. There’ll be some stretches of interstate highway, I’m sure, but those will be limited.

I should probably spend some time on Route 66, too. I mean, how can I not if I’m in the neighborhood. Imagine all the fun stuff I’ll get to see.

I’d kind of like to ride to New Mexico, too. That may need to wait for another trip.

That’s my favorite daydream. I think I need to start saving vacation days. And money. I don’t camp.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I’m quite interested to see what fellow BBBCers come up with.

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11 Replies to “BBBC #7 – A Daydream”

    1. I just think of it as one big loop! LOL. Not saying I’ll do it all at once, but not saying I won’t either. We’ll have to wait and see.

  1. If you are a motorcyclist, daydreaming of traveling to far places seems to come with the territory. It is the same for me, although lately I daydream about road tripping with a slower vehicle… maybe even a pedal powered bike…

    1. Sonja, that sounds like a lot of work to me, but I do sometimes fantasize about riding a pedal-powered bike. It looks peaceful. And the exercise certainly wouldn’t me hurt, either. Well, at first it WOULD hurt, but would be good for me in the long run!

    1. I hope that when I am retired, if I survive that long, I am still able to ride a motorcycle. Even if I don’t have the money for exotic destinations, I’m sure I’ll be able to find lots of little adventures to keep me happy.

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