Maryland, the Old Line State, may be a small state, but it is also very diverse. For sake of discussion, it’s typically split into five regions, which encompass 23 counties, as follows:

  • Western Maryland: Garrett, Allegany and Washington
  • Capital Region: Frederick, Montgomery and Prince George’s
  • Central Maryland: Anne Arundel, Baltimore (includes Baltimore City), Carroll, Harford and Howard
  • Southern Maryland: St. Mary’s, Calvert and Charles
  • Eastern Shore: Kent, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Caroline, Dorchester, Wicomico, Somerset, Worcester and Cecil

Non-Marylanders will likely find it easier to think about Maryland solely by region. Marylanders like me (at the time of this writing, anyway) usually think of Maryland by region, too, but we also tend to focus on counties when mentioning places in a county within our home region.

Confused? Sorry. But it’s true. For example, I live in Central Maryland. If I’m heading for the Cambridge for the weekend, I probably wouldn’t say, “I’m going to Cambridge for the weeked.” Sadly, most Marylanders don’t really know where Cambridge is located. I’d NEVER say, “I’m heading over to Dorchester County.” I’m faily confident that few Marylanders could tell you where that county is, and many wouldn’t even remember there being such a county in Maryland. I’d just say, “I’m going to the Eastern Shore.”

It’s important for everyone to note that Maryland does have a western shore, but no one ever refers to the areas to the west of the Chesapeake Bay as being “the Western Shore.” Except for maybe weathermen. They might say, “Folks living to the west of the Bay…” or maybe even “Residents in the western shore counties…”

Since I used to live in Central Maryland, it would just be, well, weird to say, “I’ll be hanging out in Central Maryland this weekend.” I might say, “I’ll be heading for Harford County to check out the Eagles at Conowingo.”

Since Marylanders and non-Marylanders use this site, I’ll try to remember to cite the region as well as the county when talking about some of the sweet rides Hubby and I have discovered.

Here’s a county map link for those of you not familiar with the state that would like a visual reference.

While I could certainly go on and on about general stuff Maryland has to offer, I won’t. Because you can get all of that sort of information from the Maryland Office of Tourism.

Besides, you didn’t come here for that general information anyway, did you? Hopefully you’re here because you heard I’ve got the inside scoop on some of the best roads to use for exploring Maryland on your motorcycle (or in your car, if you must).

If you want more-detailed maps of Maryland, take a look at these Grid Maps. The grid maps are awesome. They are super-detailed. And, as long as you have access to a printer, you can print free copies ’cause they’re posted as .pdf files by the State Highway Administration. It appears they are updated fairly regularly, too.

As this Web site expands, I’ll be adding all sorts of Maryland information. If there’s something you’d like to see, or if you just have a question, feel free to drop me a line. I’ll respond as quickly as possible. If you’re writing in the middle of a nice day, though, chances are I’m either out riding and/or taking more pictures. So be patient. I’ll get back to you eventually. I promise.

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