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In September 2011, Hubby and I, along with our friends Annelies and Yves, visited some of the most spectacular national scenic sites in the US. Starting from our home in Virginia, which our friends hadn’t visited before, we flew to Colorado.

First up, Rocky Mountain National Park. As an added bonus, because Shannon (our oldest kid, recently moved to California) had been wanting to meet Annelies and Yves for ages, we’d rented a house during our stay (plenty of space), and it’s relatively inexpensive to fly from CA to CO, Shannon joined us for that part of the trip.

From there we headed down to Utah, stopping at the Colorado National Monument on our way. Then we hit Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park near Moab. We also visited Capitol Reef National Park near Torrey, Utah, and Bryce Canyon National Park a bit further west.

After all that nature-stuff, we headed north into Salt Lake City for a quick visit to Temple Square. That’s like Mormon Central. It was a convenient stopping point for us. After taking a peek at the Great Salt Lake, we continued north to Grand Teton National Park and, finally, Yellowstone National Park.

Annelies, Yves, Mike, and Me


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We stopped at several other national and state parks and monuments along the way. There was a lot to see. We covered thousands of miles over a two-week span of time, and saw some amazing stuff.


Sunflowers on Antelope Island


Annelies, Mike, and Yves in Bryce Canyon


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Collage of Scenes from Yellowstone National Park


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Grand Teton National Park Highlights





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