Thursday was actually a very nice day. Temps got into the 40s and it was sunny all day long. Of course, I was sitting at my desk staring at spreadsheets all day, which sort of sucks, but a gal has to work for a living, right?

This particular work project I’ve been doing requires a lot of focus, so the days actually go by pretty quickly. Before I knew it, the dogs were begging me to take them outside and/or feed them dinner. Because it had been relatively warm and sunny, the snow was quite soft. It made walking around collecting poo a bit of a challenge. But it also made for great packing snow.

Unfortunately, there was no one around for me to target with snowballs. So I decided to build a snow dude. I was going to build a standing man, but decided it would require moving too much snow. It was starting to get dark, too. So my snow dude is sitting.

My Bumnabul Snowman

Belle doesn’t like him. She saw me building the thing, but I don’t think she ever really looked at it. Once it did get dark, every time she went outside, she barked at him. If she even looked out the door and saw him, she growled. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to him when it’s daylight.

He’s sort of grumpy looking, but I was afraid if I didn’t give him folded arms, they’d end up falling off (melting) rather quickly. Maybe tomorrow I’ll build him a girlfriend. That should cheer him up, right?

My Bumnabul Snowman

The grandkids are supposed to come over on Saturday. Maybe I should build a whole family of snow people…

8 Replies to “Bumnabul”

  1. Shan, I thought you’d like my snowman. Even Dad laughed at it when he got home (he had a meeting in DC late yesterday). I thought for sure he’d tell me it looked stupid.

  2. I just showed Dad your snowman and he really like it, besides he said it right nice to the rabbit meaning Spring Is On the Way

  3. I think he looks great!!! I agree his arms would have melted/fallen off if you hadn’t crossed them…. Why don’t you go stick some feathers on him and start calling him “Chief” ??? 🙂 His profile looks a little Native American to me!

  4. Ann Marie, you’re right that he did look Native American. But yesterday temps climbed to just near 50. His hair collapsed, his eyeballs AND his eyebrows fell off. I fixed the eyebrow/eyeball issue, but his hair is still quite limp. I’ll see what I can do later today. 🙂

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