Why We Became Residential Tourists

Care to venture a guess as to what Hubby and I will be doing this weekend?

Forecast for the Weekend (Romney version)

Those of you who know us really well should have no problem figuring this one out. I mean, look at that weather forecast!

Adding “Romney” to the graphic caption is probably a bit of a giveaway.

Curious about the post title? You know how hard it is to think of interesting and relevant titles for every post? Especially in the morning when one is still half asleep?

If I ever title a post “Untitled” you will know I am having a really bad day…

Anyway, I was reading a book a while back about the history of Appalachia. It talked a bit about the economy, lack of jobs, etc., which explains why a lot of young people move away from the area as soon as they can. Then it talked about folks like us. People who live in our near cities and buy property in the mountains on which they situate a house they only live in on a part-time basis. Mostly weekends, of course.

I thought it a pretty apt and cool descriptor.

So, did you figure it out yet? Maybe this photographic hint will help…

Hubby and I on "The Dragon"

Lucky for us we visited The Dragon when we did, ’cause now it is CLOSED. For serious. It’s temporary, thank goodness. I feel bad for motorcyclists in that area or those who were planning to visit that area this summer. Although there’s always the Hellbender.

Here’s something interesting… the road known as the Hellbender, is now being referred to as the Moonshiner28 by the folks who have capitalized on The Dragon. Here’s a map link that should show Route 129 on the left and Route 28 (Hellbender) on the right. Where The Dragon’s curves are technically challenging, the sweeping curves and twisties on the Hellbender are just plain fun.

If only it were closer…

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  1. Hey, I know that picture! I have it in my album and show it off often. 🙂 Have a great riding weekend. While I’m powering through 95 degree weather, I’ll be thinking of you guys and the wind whipping through your hair.

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