Intimate Friendships Not Allowed

I’m taking a break from vacation posts today. Not because I’m done talking about our trip, which was absolutely the best vacation EVER, but because it’s my blog and I can talk about something else if I want to! So there…

Can you say “bullshit”?

I read some “news” online this morning that has me scratching my head. Really. That news in a nutshell… best friends are bad. Yup, you read right. Check out the NY Times article for yourself. Some child-rearing experts are now saying it is bad to have a best friend. One psychologist at a private school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan admitted to monitoring student friendships to make sure “neither child overtly or covertly excludes or rejects others.” Some fear close friendships, which admittedly might have the potential for fostering an atmosphere of exclusivity and cliques, might also lead to bullying.

Prepare yourself parents. Now you need to learn to teach your children how to avoid close friendships.

See what I mean? Bullshit.

There’s probably a nicer way to sum that up. But sometimes swear words are more appropriate and, let’s face it, simply more fun.

Take this commercial as an example…

8 Replies to “Intimate Friendships Not Allowed”

  1. Hmmm. I have some thoughts on the friendship thing, but I don’t think it can all be covered in a single blog comment. Let’s save it for a topic around the island, shall we?

  2. Your blog and the swear jar is so Kool. Joshua R has one. As he is trying to get his DAd and sometimes Mawsie from saying some of those words. Each time he catches you it is $.25. He usually gets me when we are playing Wii. I got him the other day on FB. He posted a picture that had the word B-TCH on it and I called him on it, Guess What he removed it.

  3. Bullshit just about sums it up… Honestly, having a best friend never screwed me up! Or did it? 🙂

  4. Ha… ask my first best friend about screwed up. I was a bully and threatened the beat her up unless she said she’d be my friend. And that was about 34 years ago. Yes, we still speak.

  5. Well, I agree that the best friend theory is a load of … baloney. But the best part of this post? That hilarious commercial!!! I can’t wait to show Harry when he gets home. Thank you! I definitely needed a laugh today and I got one.

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