Bothered Bovines

I’ve mentioned before that I have a thing for cows, right?

I know I’ve also mentioned that cows tend to get a little freaked out when you stop to say hello.

I mean, think about it. Day in and day out, cars, trucks and motorcycles rumble past. Every now and then, if the weather is nice, someone might stick their head out of a window and yell, “Moo!” Or a motorcyclist might honk as they motor past. But most people don’t stop.

Of course, I’m not most people.

The way cows do react when you stop cracks me up.

It's not just the cows that are watching me here.

I haven’t “mooed” or anything. I just stopped my car, got out, and stepped over to the fence to take a picture or two. It was such a pretty day, I couldn’t resist. At least three of the cows and both horses are watching me closely. If you click on the picture, you’ll see a larger image.

How about now black cow?

That black cow in the center of the frame was definitely the more curious of the lot.

She's got a heart on her head.

Her mostly white friend was also watching me pretty closely. I wasn’t waving or doing anything menacing. I didn’t even moo. (I’d have no idea what I was saying if I did moo.) I was just snapping a few pictures.

"Yo, lady! What do you want?"

I couldn’t stand beside the field all day, so I snapped one more photo of the curious cows before leaving.

Different cow, same field.

I snapped that last picture from the car. The cow was pretty and I like the red barn in the background, too.

That was the last cow photo of the day. After that, it was on to Hawk Mountain. I’ll tell you all about that tomorrow.

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  1. Your brother must be like a little crazy as when he passes cows he rolls down his window sticks his head out and and lets out a BIG MOO more than once. I have no idea why he does this. They never MOO back.

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