21 Years Ago Today

Where were you 21 years ago? Can you remember? I can remember exactly where I was because today is my “baby” boy’s 21st birthday.

I know it’s a cliche, but time really does fly.

Eric doesn’t read my blog, so I figured it would be safe to do an Eric through the years pictorial tribute.

Of course, most of the pictures I have are not digital or easy to get to so I’ve got a limited selection to work with.

Eric at about 13 months

Eric was even rocking it when he was a baby. We never really know what sort of influence we’ll be, or what impressions we’ll leave, as our kids are growing.

Eric at about age 3

Eric was probably more like 2 and a half in that last shot. I’m glad he grew out of the “looking like a preppy” phase.

Eric around age 7

Eric’s very short-lived tenure as a Cub Scout. Activities like that and sports didn’t go over so well with the non-custodial parent.

Eric at age 8

It’s funny as I look through these pictures that I begin to realize I did influence the boy in a way. He’s got a bit of my goofy streak.

I'm guessing he was around 10 here.

Eric in desperate need of a haircut. His hair is so thick, when his summer buzz cuts grew out, it always looked like he was sporting an Afro.

Eric around 11

Fishing with Pop (my Dad) in Virginia.

Eric's 12th birthday celebration

Eric and my parents on his 12th birthday.

Eric and his friend, Tim, around 12

Curling with Tim. He was between 12-13 here I think.

Eric with his brother (Jeff) and sister (Samantha)

Eric (age 14?) visiting with his brother and sister (on his father’s side) at Cherrystone Campground in Virginia, where I dropped him on the way home from my brother’s house.

Eric (around 16) with his favorite Mom

This is Eric in uniform during his time at the Freestate Challenge Academy, a National Guard-sponsored youth program that rescued Eric (and the rest of us) from his challenging high school days.

Eric (16), Mike and I at Amy's wedding

Here’s Eric looking all “gangsta” with Hubby and I after Amy’s wedding.

Eric won the garter toss!

I think my sense of humor definitely wore off on him. He’s a good sport about just about everything.

Eric at 19

Here he is with his new, pink pouf at around 19. He needed a pouf and it was the only one we could find at Walmart.

Eric at 20

This shot is relatively recent. I lifted it from his (or his girlfriend’s) Facebook page.

Eric with his girlfriend, Kelsey, and Emily (I assume she's Kelsey's friend)

Speaking of girlfriend… here Eric is with Kelsey. This one is only about two months old. Ah, to be young and in love. They look so happy together. And she’s a real sweetheart, too.

Happy birthday, son!

Raising you wasn’t always easy (every kid presents a challenge), but I’m proud of the wonderful young man you have become. I love you!

Eric at about 14 with his brother (Jeff) and sister (Samantha)

8 Replies to “21 Years Ago Today”

  1. Love the Afro look! 🙂 I bet you’re feeling a bit nostalgic today… Wish him a very happy birthday from Yves and me!

  2. Awww. You’ve made me feel all choked up. I like Eric (now that I feel like I know him) and his wonderful smile AND his mom. Beautiful post!

  3. Kath, these pictures are awesome! He really looked a lot like you when he was younger, now the whole grown up, man thing makes it not so obvious..:) Congrats on raising such a wonderful young man!

  4. Great pix. Loved seeing Eric as a little boy. Your comments are a hoot. Glad you think Kelsey’s a sweetie, of course we do too! And we love Eric. He is a great guy and we do love his sense of humor! BBFE!

    1. Thanks, KM! Eric is a chip off the old maternal block in a couple of regards. I love that he loves to cook. And that you guys enjoy the fruits of his labor! Kelsey really is a great girl. They make a very cute couple. I love the BBFE, too. 🙂

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