How Not to Build Customer Loyalty

Dear Mr./Ms. Marketer:

I did some holiday shopping at your on-line store. Someone on my gift list actually asked for a hard-to-find item that you sell.

If I’m being honest here, the array of items you sell is quite impressive. It’s also quite odd. To me anyway.

I do lots of on-line shopping. All of the reputable merchants I deal with have an opt-out option for their mailing list. I can’t remember if you did or not. But you should.

Almost immediately upon placing my order, the spam started.

Yes, I know I can just hit the delete button, which I do. But it’s still annoying.

I do not need an e-mail every three days to remember you by. Really. I mean, you are already quite memorable.

Knowing myself as well as I do, I am CERTAIN that upon receipt of that first spam e-mail from you, I clicked on the UNSUBSCRIBE option. It’s nice that you offer that. But it would be even nicer if it worked.



I do NOT want or need to receive an e-mail every three days to remember you. Especially since you already sent a catalog to my house.

Though your catalogs are pretty entertaining.

You've simply GOT to click on this image for a close-up of these wonderful products.

Maybe that’s why I don’t mind receiving the physical catalog, but HATE getting the spam e-mail.

Again, I know I can just hit delete. But it’s still annoying.

So, as you strategize to develop your marketing plans for 2011 and beyond, please consider your SPAM options carefully. Ask people if they want to receive e-mails from you. If they say “no” then don’t send any.

If by some accident an e-mail does slip through and people ask to unsubscribe. STOP sending the e-mails.

Yes, it keeps your name fresh in my head. But that’s not a good thing. Every time I see an e-mail from you, it becomes less and less likely that I will ever buy from you again.

Please keep that in mind.

Thanks a bunch!



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