It’s Not the Camera

I’ve mentioned before how people have made comments about my camera being responsible for the quality of my images. You know, “I love your pictures. I need a camera like yours.”

So when I saw this quote recently, I knew I just HAD to share it here…

It was actually a couple of weeks ago that I saw this quote. Back when my blog wasn’t working properly and I couldn’t post pictures. So I don’t remember where exactly I saw it.

But speaking of pictures… I can’t believe not one person commented about the naked man in the video I posted yesterday.

Maybe everyone thought it was just some dumb weather video? Perhaps I should have said, “make sure you watch for the naked man!”

Or, perhaps everyone was so shocked at the inappropriateness of it all that they just could not comment.

I’m attributing it to the dumb weather video syndrome.

On another note… my posts may be a bit unusual over the next couple of weeks. Hubby and I will be traveling all over Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Montana with our dear Belgian friends. Shannon will be joining us for a few days in Colorado. I’m going to try posting from my smart phone. You know, the one that’s way smarter than me? Fingers crossed it works. If not, I’ll have my computer along, too. I just thought I’d warn you so you didn’t think the blog was broken again.

3 Replies to “It’s Not the Camera”

  1. I love the anecdote and have always try to educate people about how tools don’t create art, artists create art. I remember, several decades ago, seeing the results of an art-experiment: they handed Polaroid instant-developing cameras to several pro photographers to see how good they could make photos from that camera look. The results were amazing: creative and fabulous.

    It’s funny but people involved in the art of cooking often get the response given in your anecdote: that good dishes must be the result of a Viking stove, etc.

    I saw your video yesterday and decided not to comment, simply because inanity surrounds us; no need to call attention to it.

  2. Yes, that’s one of my favorite quotes too! Can’t remember where I first saw it. I get that, “What camera do you use? Your pictures look so professional” all the time too. Gag me. Gag me. Sometimes I think the problem is that dSLR’s shouldn’t have an “automatic” button.

    I want a Holga. Plastic toy camera from China. Similar concept to what shybiker commented on, it forces you to concentrate on composition… and knowing what light is going to work for whatever ISO film is loaded.

    I clicked over to your post yesterday, but didn’t watch the video because of timing (our satellite internet gets atrociously slow at certain times of the day, forget about video) and because of all the kid chaos at the moment. Now that you mentioned a naked guy, I’ll load it up when my hubby is home so we can giggle about it together. 😉

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