DBOC x Three

The other day, I reported on the uneven delivery of three new dogs beds. Not just ANY dog beds. New DBOCs.

Years ago, early 2004 to be exact, when we got our first dog, I bought a big round dog bed and a smaller oval cat bed at Costco. Why a cat bed?  Because back then we still had two cats.

Moses and Muffin

And it just seemed wrong to buy a big-ass bed for the one new dog and nothing for the two, long-residing cats.

Meg always loved that bed. CeCe, too. In fact, all of our dogs have loved what I thought was a cat bed.

Even Duke, our largest foster dog.

Duke was a Big Old Boy

And Alice, our smallest foster dog.

Alice in the DBOC

Of course, Alice was so tiny, there was plenty of room for her.

When I finally decided to get another DBOC, I learned that it’s not a cat bed after all. It’s a special type of dog bed, known as a cuddler. They actually come in a variety of sizes. With an even wider array of price tags.

What’s so special about the DBOC? I don’t know. But all of the dogs really like it. In fact, it’s often a little contest to see who can get there first, which is why it became known as the dog bed of choice, aka DBOC.

Belle, who likes to get her way/be first at everything, is pretty consistent about beating the other dogs to the bed.

But she doesn’t always win.

K Enjoying the DBOC

Every now and then, K will beat Belle and Meg to the bed.

Belle Pissed Because K is Enjoying the DBOC

Belle is never happy when that happens.

Thankfully, the other two beds finally arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

I took that picture yesterday morning. As you can see, Belle is in one bed and Meg is in one bed. But where’s K?

Don’t go feeling sorry for her or anything. She was getting her morning dose of Mama Luv.

Time for Mama Luv

K is a snuggler. At least twice a day, she needs lap time. I refer to that as her getting some Mama love.

I’m Mama, in case you were wondering.

She gets this look and all I need to do is say, “You need some Mama love?” That’s her cue to jump right into my lap.

It’s hard to type like that, though. So she can’t stay there while I am working.

Meg Loving the New DBOC

Can you tell how much Meg likes the new beds?

They all like them. In fact, at this very minute while I type this, all three are snuggled in their little DBOCs, sleeping like quiet little angels.

No Vacancy

That won’t last long. They’ll be up running around like crazy little beasts in no time!

Those little beds take up much less floor space. So I’m liking the three new DBOCs, too.

9 Replies to “DBOC x Three”

  1. Cute pics! Our cats have to settle for blankets, but they are very alike in that they try to “steal” each other’s good spots. 🙂 By the way, all three dogs asleep at once?? Boy, your house must have been unusually quiet!

    ROFL!! I will not tell you what happens when I start ROFL..
    Those are some sweet spoiled furry kids pics. I never heard of those beds and Piper needs a new one bad.
    Have good weekend Friend.

  3. ShyB, you crack me up! AVD, it was indeed a rare quiet moment. Trace, I’ll send you a link. Shan, the beds are quite cuddly. Maybe ShyB has something with people-sized cuddler beds!

    1. They just grab what’s available. They tend to gravitate to the same bed in the bedroom. But Belle likes to show everyone she’s the princess so will switch up every now and then. Which forces the other two to pick different beds.

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