Lightbulb Moment

I was strolling through town earlier this month (April 13) when I noticed a cute little outbuilding that I’d never noticed before. The metal roof had a very cool patina. I snapped a picture with my cell phone and moseyed on. But first I told myself, “Self, you have to remember to come back here with your real camera.”

Fast forward to this past Sunday (April 21). I did a photo stroll to capture some of the Spring blooms before they go away.

When I got to the outbuilding, it looked lovelier than ever. I didn’t notice the patina I’d remembered, but chalked it up to lighting conditions. Light does interesting stuff.

Here’s the shot I captured with my real camera.

Cute Outbuilding
Cute Outbuilding

I actually captured quite a few really good images on Sunday, which I hope to one day share with you all.

Later that evening, as I was deleting pics from my phone, I came across the cell phone capture of the same building.

That’s when the lightbulb went off.

“Huh!” I said.

“‘Huh’, what?” Shannon, who was still here, asked.

When I showed her the pic, she said, “Huh,” too.

Why? Have a look at the cell phone capture.

Outbuilding with Patina
Outbuilding with Patina

There WAS a cool patina on the roof. The key term here being “was.”

Amazing what a little paint can do, eh?

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  1. What a difference that paint made. It went from deserted to a cute little cared for place.

    The blooms and foliage sure make a nice backdrop for the new color scheme too. I am surprised they didn’t leave the patina on the roof though.

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