Granny T’s Kids are Real Animals

My friend Tracey, aka Granny Trace, invited Carol and I to her house — Turtle Tree Farms — for a girlfriends’ sleepover on Friday. Tracey, Carol, and I have known each other for 35+ years. We don’t get together for stuff like that nearly as often as we’d like, so it’s always fun when we do.

Tracey Loves Fall
Tracey Loves Fall

I left my house on Friday as soon as I finished work and drove to Tracey’s, outside of York, Pennsylvania, arriving just in time for dinner.

Cooking Dinner (hot dogs)
Cooking Dinner (hot dogs)

I love, Love, LOVE hot dogs cooked over a campfire. Really.

We had marshmallows for dessert. Some of us had LOTS of marshmallows. 🙂

Like I said earlier, just getting together is always something to look forward to, but this time was extra special. This time, we got to meet some new family members.

Tracey adopted two kids earlier this year. They were a Mothers’ Day gift from her husband. How cool is that?

Carol and I had seen a few pics of the kids, twin girls (not identical), and heard some stories about them, but we hadn’t met them.

They were already in bed when I arrived last night. I was excited to meet finally them the girls this morning. They’re cute, even if they are real animals.

Sugar Maple and Wooly Willow (L-R)
Sugar Maple and Wooly Willow (L-R)


Meeting the kids.
Meeting the kids.


They’re super-friendly.

That’s lounge wear, by the way. I didn’t go out in public dressed like that!

The girls liked Carol and me.


Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Tracey and her girls.

They’re very curious, too.

Wooly Willow and Sugar Maple (L-R)


Sugar Maple and Wooly Willow (L-R)

It was pretty funny just how curious they are. Every time I’d stoop down to take a picture, they’d run over.

“What’cha doing?”


Wooly Willow


Sugar Maple


Wooly Willow


The Kids

Tracey has other animals, too.

Piper (female Chocolate Lab)




Big-hair Chicken

She also has three cats, a family of ducks (parents and three babies), and some more chickens who weren’t at all keen to be photographed.

Curious Goat


Carol giving Piper treats.


More Fall Decor
More Fall Decor

Tracey has a lovely country farmhouse. It’s always very warm and welcoming.

Hanging out with girlfriends is priceless. Really. I’m lucky to have such great friends.

And you know I love Tracey’s critters.

Speaking of critters, my girls were happy to see me when I got back home. They were quite interested in my dirty laundry, too. LOTS of new and interesting smells, that’s for sure.

Inspection Time

Thanks again Trace! I had a wonderful time. Thanks to you and Carol, too, for the goodies you sent me home with (Halloween decor, homemade jam, and frog wine).

I’m already looking forward to our next gathering. Love you girls!

8 Replies to “Granny T’s Kids are Real Animals”

  1. Hey Mama!
    Wow great photos of the kids.
    It was a lot of fun as always making new treasured memories with my Best Pals.
    Can’t wait till next time.
    Love ya tooo

  2. Your dogs are trying to figure out why you were cheating on them.

    I love goats. They are so cute, we had two little ones when I was little. Reuben and Pepper, not sure who named them.

    Nice that the three of you could get together for the weekend and just enjoy the farm and each other’s company.

    1. Brandy, that’s funny. When I come home smelling of other critters, I always say, “I’ve been cheating on you again!”

      I bet it was fun having goats as a kid. Although the novelty probably wore off.

      It’s been a busy and tough year for both of them. It was nice to just get to relax together for a bit.

  3. Sugar Maple’s eyes are CRAZY. I kind of love them, but also kind of find them terrifying haha. Did those goats smell like goats? I always want to pet them (not that I come into contact with them that often), but I usually don’t because goat smell, well, it lingers.

    I read through all the comments hoping that someone would ask what frog wine is, but no one did, so…um, what is frog wine??

    1. Shan, I know what you mean about her eyes. No, they didn’t smell like goats. I don’t know why. Maybe because they’re still young? Maybe because some breeds are just smellier than others? Or maybe females don’t smell as bad as males? I’ll have to ask Tracey one day.

      “Frog wine” is a wine Tracey discovered that has frogs on the label. Sorta like Cow Beer!

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