Let There Be Music (BBBC-2017-26)

Our Painted House

I’m a singer. Much to Hubby’s chagrin, I hum, too. Unconsciously.

I usually reserve my singing for times when I’m alone in the car. Or when I’m painting. I’m not sure why painting brings the music out in me. Maybe because it’s such a mindless task.

I remember giggling out loud when the guy who painted our house introduce himself to me as “Hector, the Singing Housepainter.” I never did catch him singing, though.

I’ve always enjoyed a wide variety of music. I have wasted innumerable brain cells storing song lyrics in my head over the years. It even surprises me when I come up with lyrics to songs I haven’t heard in ages. Even songs I never particularly liked. It’s weird.

Anyway… today’s prompt is “three songs you love to sing along with.” For me, it’s really, really hard narrowing this list to just three songs.

One oldie I’ll be singing until I’m in my grave is Dan Fogelberg’s “Leader of the Band.” I like a lot of his songs, but that’s the one I sing most.

Peter Gabriel’s “Red Rain” is another.

And then there’s Jason Mraz’s hit, “I’m Yours.”

I’ll never win any singing competitions, but, in my opinion, I do okay carrying a tune.


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  1. “I’m yours” is a really nice song. I’m drawn to odd, unconventional beats, especially those that skip, shift and loop to a back beat like that. I had never seen that video. People who skateboard in empty pools are artists in their own right. Those who jump from heights dare where I won’t. In each case they stretch their lives in amazing dimensions I never have, never will. I have so much respect for that.

    1. I used to daydream about becoming a skateboarder. So much so that I’d buy Skateboarder magazine and “build” custom boards using the ads in the magazine, thinking maybe I’d get to buy one one day. Though I rode my skateboard a lot for several years, I never did get into doing tricks. Wow, that was a long time ago!

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