This new year has slithered in with an air of uncertainty. It seems to be hanging over me in a dark cloud. Decisions pending, some of which are life and death. Others may “only” be life-changing. Sigh.

I’m tired of adulting. Really.

But whining never helps anyone, does it?

There is some positive news. Sort of. K seems to be holding her own. It’s a real roller coaster, mentally. I know the worst is coming, I just don’t know when.

I’ve been taking the girls for walks, weather permitting. The other day it was 65 degrees! K is very excited to go, but walking tires her out. She’s never ready to head home until she’s REALLY tired. So, I could force her to turn around sooner, but she doesn’t want to stop.

She LOVES walking.

The way I look at it, we could keep her safely tucked away at home, making her rest and take it easy. Or, I could let her do the things she enjoys, taking one day at a time, until she absolutely cannot do those things anymore.

If I were K, I’d want to do what I love. So we walk.

It’s gut-wrenching.

L-R, K and Belle

For now, we will just continue taking things one day at a time.

10 Replies to “Uncertainty”

  1. Thank you for your reassuring feelings and words.

    I am in total agreement…if K wishes to walk …than walk she will.

    We all have blue times, yet it is most comforting to know that we have the support of others who share their blue times with us. To know that these times will indeed pass and new days will dawn.

    Sending warm thoughts.
    Deborah B.

  2. Adulting sure can knock the stuffing out. But it’s what we adults do. It always amazes me that dogs have so much to teach us. Always hopeful, always loving, always constant, always faithful. If only we adults could measure up, more often, but they set the bar so high.

    Hang in.

  3. As I scan my memory for the brightest, burning events, dogs play a role in many of them. I’ve lived with dogs my entire life and have seen my spirit soar with them and my heart break. Over and over again.

    Still, each time, the heart break has faded and I’m left with memories of joy. The gifts they’ve given have enriched my life far more than I would have imagined. Our two beasts are sleeping quietly at my feet. They are magic.

    I hope you find some peace during the journey you’re on right now.


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