Bedford County Bridges

NOTE: Pics are missing from this post. I need to find and re-upload them. Sorry!

This “ride report” goes WAY back to September 2004. That was nine years ago!

I still had my bright yellow V-Star 650 Classic. Hubby’s Vulcan Nomad, which had like 48,000 miles on it when he sold it two years ago, was still pretty new. My hair was long. His hair was still sort of brown. And I think we only had one dog.

Boy, how things change!

It was way before this blog, too. Heck, it was even before we built the WV place.

In fact, this just might have been one of the trips we took through the area (on the way back from PA) that cemented it in our brains.

Unfortunately, because these pics are from SO long ago, you won’t really get a trip guide with this post. I can’t remember any of the roads we were on. I know we stayed overnight in Somerset, PA. And we ate at least one meal at the Eat n Park. But that’s about it.

You will get to see some nice pictures of covered bridges, though.

But first, check this out…

I told you it was bright.

That’s my handsome Hubby. He’s still just as handsome. And his hair matches his beard a bit better now.

Now that you know what we both look like, here are the rest of the bridge pics.

I know it’s lame not to give you more detail. I promise, when this Arctic freeze is over, I’ll have new trip info, with detailed routes. I do know all of these bridges are in or at least near Bedford County, Pennsylvania. And since the people behind Visit PA have done such a great job assembling state information, they can tell you where the bridges are located. Follow this link: Once you are there, click on Attractions & Activities and then Covered Bridges. After a few seconds, a handy little map will pop up. And voila, you have your trip planning helper.





The Bedford County Visitors’ Bureau has a web page that lists all 14 of their bridges.

If you decide to do a bridge run, let me know. I’d love to see some pics from your trip.

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