A Full Agenda

I’ve got quite a few things I’d like to get done today. Since we’re often away from the Maryland house on weekends, I feel like I never get anything accomplished. Hubby says it is my Internet addiction holding me back. But I don’t spend that much time on the Internet. At least I don’t think I do. I’m usually on in the mornings before work. I check e-mail and stuff right after work then I go off to do other things. Now is a good example. What else am I supposed to do at 6:30 on a Saturday morning anyway?

Amish Girls Shopping

Here’s my agenda for the day…

Number 1 – Make and drink FRESH COFFEE. That one is important. And it is already done. Well, at least the making part is. And I’m enjoying it much better than my first cup yesterday.  I often pull the coffee pot out when it’s halfway done brewing, pour myself a cup, then replace the pot so it can finish filling. I did that yesterday only to discover that the coffee was lukewarm. Weird. But I like drinking room-temperature coffee, so no biggie. I did worry in the back of my mind that something might be wrong with the coffee maker. But I didn’t dwell on it. However, when I went back for the second cup, I noticed the pot was just as full as it would have been if I hadn’t already poured myself a cup. The coffee was steaming hot this time, too. That’s when I realized I’d never gotten rid of the old, leftover coffee from the previous day. Ew. And THEN I realized I hadn’t been home to make coffee the previous day. So what I really drank was two-day-old coffee with just enough new coffee mixed in to make it lukewarm. Ew, EW!

Will it be Fresh Beef?

Number 2 – Go to Amish Market. Some good friends, Kathy and Barry, are coming over for dinner tonight, so I need to go to the Amish market in Annapolis for provisions. I like going there for fresh meat. I don’t know if it’s how they raise their cows or just the freshness factor, but the meat I buy there is always so much fresher. I did a Web search after work yesterday to check out their hours. That’s when I came across this YELP.com link that sort of made me chuckle. The link itself didn’t tickle the funny bone, the reviews did.

People rave about the place quite a bit. They says it’s HUGE. And the food there is almost the best thing since sliced bread, albeit slightly over-priced. The market isn’t huge. It’s just big enough for one of every type vendor: restaurant, pretzels/ice cream, baked goods, candy, meat counter, produce, canned (in jars) goods, and cakes/cheeses. It’s as if these people don’t realize we’re like 100 miles from Lancaster County, which is Amish Central. And they’ve never seen places like The Green Dragon and Root’s Country Market (pronounced “ruts,” which rhymes with puts). There’s also the Bird-in-Hand Market, which has more-liberal hours but is definitely the touristy version. The Annapolis market is nice, don’t get me wrong. I mean, I do go there whenever I can because it’s convenient. But it’s nothing when compared to the offerings in and around Lancaster, which really is just up the road. It’s like the 7-Eleven/Sheetz/WaWa of Amish markets, but I am really glad it’s there.

Number 3 – Go to grocery and liquor stores: I need to buy a few key ingredients for this evening’s meal. Also, I’ve been out of good tequila for awhile now. There’s only one beer in the refrigerator. And I may need to get some wine, although I sort of think I have plenty of that already.

Number 4 – Mow the grass: I haven’t decided yet what’s worse… having to mow the grass myself or having to remind Eric constantly that it needed to be done and putting up with the less-than-stellar results of his inevitably having to do a rush job. Mowing it myself may not be easier physically, but it certainly less frustrating.

Number 5 – Finish painting: I still have trim-work and touch-up that needs to be done.

Or Fresh Chicken?

Number 6 – Prepare the meal: I’m not nearly as creative when it comes to cooking as my friend, Kathy.  But my fare, while plainer, usually tastes good. It’s just not as interesting because it’s more-of-the-same. Like how good can a grilled hamburger be when compared with some sort of exotic-sounding Thai stir fry dish? We’re not having burgers. That’s just an example.

Number 7 – Eat, drink and be merry: Now THAT is an agenda item anyone could embrace! I’ll have to report in tomorrow to let you know how it all went.

Perhaps Fresh Pork?

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  1. LOL! Love the pig! I can’t wait for tonight, I am soooo ready to eat, drink and be merry! And your food isn’t just good, Kath, it’s always fabulous!!

  2. I love this post – especially the coffee story. It made me chuckle and reminded me of something I would do. Hope your dinner party was a great success!

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