My Want Shower

Joey, our youngest grandson, who will be three in July, has a problem with pronouns. He’ll get them straight one day, but Hubby and I are in no hurry for that day to come. ‘Cause we think it’s sort of cute. It’s one of those things that, once he does figure it out, he’ll most likely never revert to saying “my want” again.

I went to Amy’s house on Wednesday evening. She had to return TJ, who was home for a far-too-brief leave. It was his last visit home for quite some time. Naturally, the kids are not thrilled about his absence, so Amy suggested that it would be easier if I took them someplace fun so they didn’t have to sit at the house and watch him leave. You know, a distraction.

They don’t get to eat much junk food (which is a very good thing). So they get pretty excited by stuff like trips to Rita’s.

Unfortunately, it was raining. A lot. So we had to sit in my car to eat.

I couldn’t resist taking some pics of the little hams.

Goofing Off in G's Car

I’m not quite sure why Brianna looked so serious in that shot. That was probably her sole 5 seconds of seriousness for the evening.

More Goofy Kids

Of course I couldn’t get them all to cooperate and just sit still for a minute. I did get Joey to sit still for this lovely shot…

Blue Tongue!

Notice all the big wet spots on his pants? He was a blue, sticky mess. But at least he was being cooperative. That didn’t last for long, though.

Joey is usually very cooperative. All the kids listen pretty well. But that night, for whatever reason, Joey decided he wanted to be stubborn. I guess he’s at the age where he wants to test G’s resolve, too.

Earlier in the evening, Amy told me Joey didn’t need a shower. Gaige and Brianna did, but Joey didn’t. Any other day he would’ve been thrilled to be able to skip a shower. Not that day. That day he decided he wanted to take a shower. He wanted that shower in the worst way.

Here’s a snippet of conversation for you…

“Come on, Joe. Let’s get your PJs on and get you ready for bed,” I said.

“My want shower,” he replied.

“No, Mommy said you don’t need a shower tonight. Let’s get your PJs on.”

“No. My want shower.”

“Mommy said no shower tonight, buddy.”

“No Mommy NOT. My. Want. SHOWER.”

By then he was getting a little pissed. Just a little. And he was trying his hardest to look angry and give me that sad, pouty look that would make me cave. I only managed to get this next shot without his turning his head because I told him I wanted to be able to show Mommy how mad he was.

My Want Shower

That’s not the best picture as far as clarity goes. I had to hurry and was using my point-and-shoot camera in near-darkness. But you can see how hard he was trying to look mad.

We went back and forth for a few minutes. It was only when I tried to get his clothes off that the volume was ratcheted up, the screaming began and the tears started.

It was a test, I tell you. He didn’t want a shower, he just wanted to get his way.

So I stood him in the corner for a bit and let him wail away. About three minutes later (it felt like an hour!), I asked if he was ready to put his PJs on yet.

“Yes,” he replied, all pouty sounding.

We got his PJs on, his teeth brushed and Joey tucked into bed successfully. Gaige and I were reading aloud to each other in the next room (yes, Gaige can READ) and Joey heard us. The next thing I know, I’m hearing this little voice through the wall saying, “G? G! My read. My read, G!”

When I poked my head into his room, I said, “You want G to read you a story, too?” He nodded.

How could I say no?

After Joey, Brianna and I read together for a while, too. It took like an hour, literally, to read to all three of them. No wonder they don’t get individual story time every night!

I don’t think anything is easy or fast with three kids. They can be very tiring. But I loved every minute of it.

My want to go back. Soon!

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