Then We Saw Bern

Hubby and I saw and experienced a wide variety of places during our trip to Europe. Austria was definitely my favorite country. As for towns/cities, while I liked Innsbruck and Seefeld in Tirol a lot, I have to say Bern, Switzerland was my favorite city. By far.

The Munster of Bern (it is a Protestant Gothic Cathedral).

There was just so much unique stuff to see in Bern. Like the Munster, which happens to be the tallest cathedral in Switzerland. I had no idea at the time of our visit that it is a Protestant cathedral. I LOVED all of the sculptures, especially the Last Judgment collection that hangs above the main portal to the building. And I have never seen such magnificent stained glass in my life.

Just one of many stained glass windows at Bern's Munster.

There was also LOTS of very intricately carved wood. And check out this very beautiful marble pieta…

Breathtaking marble statues in the Bern Munster.

There are more shots I captured in and around the Munster on my FLICKR page. You can also check out this very fine collection of photographs taken by others.

Impressive, right? And those pics were just from the Munster! It would have been great to spend some time photographing all of the sculptures in and on the building.

Yes, I took quite a few pictures, but these are SNAPSHOTS. Real, artful photography takes time. Hubby may say I spent a lot of time taking pictures during our trip, but I say I didn’t spent nearly enough. There was just SO MUCH really, really cool stuff to see and capture that quick snapshots is all I had time for.

Here’s a snapshot of my favorite statue…

Ogre statue in Bern, Switzerland.

Bern is an altogether gorgeous and fascinating place. I could easily spend a week there and would likely still cry for more photography time in the end.

Bern, Switzerland

Really. There is just so much stuff to photograph. Buildings and bears and dogs and statues and flowers and people…

My goofy Hubby (on the right).

There are lots more images I captured in and around Bern on my FLICKR page. Please check them out if you have time. It really is a beautiful and amazing place. I am so glad we decided to take that little spur-of-the-moment day trip!

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  1. Hmmm… some resemblance in the last shot? lol! Your first shot is just fascinating. Thank goodness you’re shooting digital, huh?

  2. Yes, if I weren’t shooting digital, we’d be broke! Those statues on that church portal were the coolest.

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