Time to Change Cities

Yesterday (Friday) was the last day of our Edelweiss Bike Tour. We were all very sad to see the tour end and have to go our separate ways. We met some very nice people and had the absolute best tour guide. I’ll do a more-detailed post on those folks when we get home and I can go through the pictures more carefully and provide a better description.

It’s been an amazing trip so far. From challenging passes to quaint medieval villages, we’ve seen and experienced a very wide variety of stuff.

Hubby and me after conquering the Jaufenpass.

As our tour guide Andy said, the weather in Austria has been very bad. It was still sort of wintry (very cold and rainy) until about two weeks ago. While Monday started out cloudy and wet, it cleared up by afternoon. And the weather has remained dry since then. Yesterday was actually a bit too hot as the region experienced higher than normal temperatures, but we made the best of it.

Look who won the gold medal!

Our first stop was the Olympic Bobsled facility just outside of Innsbruck. Seeing that up close and in person was VERY cool. The picture shown immediately above shows me on the medal stand in gold medal position of course. Notice I wore my fancy assless chaps for the occasion?

After that, we visited Hall in Tirol, a medieval village also just outside of Innsbruck. We proceeded to Achenkirch (still in Austria) for the best lunch EVER (we ate lots of typical Tyrolean fare during this trip, which I will have to describe in a separate post).

Cow! Livestock in this region all wear bells.

After lunch, we headed into Germany for a bit then back to Seefeld in Tirol, Austria, where we’ve been staying.

Riding wise, yesterday was easy. We were all glad, too, because we’d had a very full week of challenging runs. We had to bid farewell to our tour guide, which was sad. Some members of our group had to leave very early this morning, but many will still be here for breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I need to end here and get ready. After we eat, we need to pack up our stuff and catch a train. We’re going to Zurich today, where we’ll be staying with the Swiss Family Mac. Hubby and I are both looking forward to seeing our old friends on their new turf!

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  1. Very cool photo of you in your ALCs. Looks like you’re having a great time – can’t wait to hear all the stories!!! Weather isn’t too brilliant over here, but at least you won’t suffer from the heat. :-))

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