It’s Christmas Eve!

Yay! It’s finally here.

Most years, I dread the arrival. There’s always so much to do. Such preparation. You know, it’s a lot of work.

This year, I’m excited. I’d be more excited if the whole family were together. If that son-in-law of ours wasn’t on the other side of the world and all. But then, if guys like him didn’t do what he does (Army stuff), we might not be able to celebrate Christmas.

At least our oldest, who spent last Christmas in India, is home this year. Maybe next year the whole family will be together. I hope so anyway.

As for this year… I’m excited. Part of the fun of Christmas for me is finding stuff for people that 1. they aren’t expecting and 2. suits them perfectly.

This year there’s one gift for one person that is just PERFECT. Really. So I wish present exchange time would just get here already. Dang.

In the meantime, I’ve been amusing myself in odd ways. I really need to start baking. But first, I had to share some of the results of my amusing endeavors.

Merry Christmas from Me and My Farm Friends

If I had a farm, I’d probably decorate my animals. Especially the cow. Though these sheep with lights around their necks are pretty cool.

Who let the elves drive? What were they thinking?

That looks like a fun bunch. But I’m not sure the elf should be driving.

I've always wanted a reindeer suit.

I look nice as a reindeer, don’t you think?

Merry Christmas!

Woodland animals are the best.

In case I don’t make it back before Christmas, I’ll just say this now… I hope you and your families have a fabulous holiday!

5 Replies to “It’s Christmas Eve!”

  1. Toadmama you in a Santa outfit is very becoming,but looks like been eating loads of cookies or Shannon’ Goodies!

    Your Christmas Wish made me smile. So early Merry Christmas Wish and will see you tomorrow keeping fingers and toes crossed.

    Love Ya all

  2. Thanks, Mom, Melissa, ShyB and Annelies. I LOVE comments, especially when they’re from some of my favorite people. 🙂

    I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!

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