Warrenton, Virginia

Tomorrow, we sign our Maryland house over to its new owners. It still doesn’t feel real. I mean, I know it’s sold. I know we’re moving. But I don’t think it will really feel real until the movers cart all our stuff away and we shut the door on this place for the last time.

That is when I think it will hit.

Right now, I’m just sort of numb. It’s been a busy couple of months.

But we’re moving someplace that’s is REALLY cool. A cute little historic town in Northern Virginia (NoVA).

Not the crazy-busy-bustling-DC-suburb part of NoVA. The part of NoVA that’s known both as the Piedmont and Virginia Hunt Country.

This picture, which belongs to someone else because I am STILL working out these blog bugs, shows the front of the courthouse in our new hometown.

Warrenton, Virginia, a photo by villaverdigris on Flickr.

Warrenton, Virginia by villaverdigris

The whole downtown area looks just as quaint.

Hubby and I are super-excited.

More later!

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  1. congratulations! hope you, hubby and the girls love their new home. Don’t forget to update the microchip company with your new contact information.

  2. Yay! I’m SO freaking excited for you guys! I know that moving is a stressful thing, but hang in there and try to enjoy it.

  3. We’re very excited, too. Can’t wait for you to come and visit. Did I mention that there’s an Irish pub in town? An Irish pub I can WALK to? Food’s not great, but they do have that Guinness draft you like. Thirsty Third Thursdays would be so easy there…

  4. Irish pub at walking distance? Your TTTs will get very thirsty…. Be honest: was that what settled it?

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