The Ravens Pulled it Off…


…and won the Super Bowl.

I still can’t believe it. But the win was sweet.

Watching the game, however, was PAINFUL. The CBS commentators were absolutely horrible and one-sided. Even as the Ravens clearly dominated the first half, the talk in the booth was all about the 49ers. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms stole the enjoyment from me for most of the game.

David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun reporter, summed their sloppy work up well with “…they were pathetic in the first half in their inability to modify or abandon their Colin-Kaepernick-is-the-Second-Coming storyline. The two could not drop the script, even though it bore little relationship to what was happening on the field throughout the first half.” And during the second half… I literally wanted to scream at their “since-the-power-outage” talk.

Man, oh man. Shut. The. F. Up. Really.

John Harbaugh was quoted as saying, “It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t perfect, but it was us.”

And as Ed Reed said, “started good, got ugly, ended great.”






As horrible as the one-sided coverage was, the victory was sweet.

This is the first time since moving to Virginia, the heart of Redskins country, that I wished I still lived and worked in Baltimore.


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  1. I tried to bring “Purple Monday” to Virginia by sporting my purple and wearing my very “Ravens” jacket. Wish I was in Baltimore also to enjoy the excitement. 🙂

  2. So, take those one-sided commentators and imagine being in a room full of them in real life. Yup, that’s how I experienced the game. How sweet it was when we pulled off the win! 😀

  3. That was an awesome game, wasn’t it? Even I noticed the one sided comments, but we showed them, didn’t we?!? LOL….Hey, I haven’t looked at your blog for a while, the whole thing looks re-vamped! Love it! I loved your interview in the “about” section too 🙂

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