It’s been rather wet in these parts lately. It’s good for the flowers, though. And the weeds are growing just like weeds have been known to grow… fast and furious.

I’ll be policing the yard this week for sure. Have to stay on top of those buggers.

Early this morning, the off-and-on rain had become a gentle mist. A thin layer of water coated everything. For me, in Spring, that sheen of tiny droplets makes for some rather interesting pictures.

I’ll try and share a few more tomorrow. Tonight, I just had to post my favorite capture of the day.


It wasn’t the water droplets that drew me to capture that image. I just found it interesting. Especially since at first glance I thought I was seeing a butterfly.

But when is the last time you saw a butterfly with water droplets on its wings?

It’s just a flower with some petals missing, but doesn’t it make a cool capture?

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