Do Damp Linens Get Stinky That Fast?

Eric and Kelsey came down for a visit on Sunday and stayed through Monday.

Their visit had NOTHING to do with the stinky linens, by the way. I just wanted to share these pics, too. To remind y’all that I do have a human family, too.

Sunday night dinner at El Toro.
Sunday night dinner at El Toro.

It was a nice visit. They were kind enough to bring my favorite pear cider. Sunday night, we went to El Toro Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Afterward, while Hubby was watching football, the kids and I even got to play a fun word game.

Eric & Kelsey
Kelsey and Eric at The Bridge.

On Monday, I joined the kids for a delicious lunch at The Bridge.

Kelsey, Eric, and me at The Bridge.
Kelsey, Eric, and me at The Bridge.

Then we went home. Which is when I encountered that odd stench I mentioned.

Here’s When Things Got Stinky

Saturday, while at the WV Place, I pulled the linens out of that coat closet with the walls that need to be replaced. They weren’t wet-wet. They were barely damp. But I figured I’d bring them home for laundering just to be safe.

I tossed all of the linens into one of those heavy contractor bags. Just before we left, I grabbed our boots and shoes, which Hubby had put outside last weekend, and tossed them in the bag, too.

Ruined closet doors that Hubby removed during previous visit.
Ruined closet doors that Hubby removed during previous visit.

If I remember correctly, Hubby twisted the bag closed, compressed it, then crammed it into the trunk, which is below the bed of his truck. When we got home, I carried the bag upstairs and plopped it in our laundry room, open.

Today, after lunch, I decided to wash the towels. As I leaned over and started pulling stuff out of the bag, I was assaulted by an awful smell. Awful and strong.

No way linens would get THAT stinky, that fast. Or was it the shoes? I figured it had to be the shoes.

After removing all of the shoes and linens, I started sniffing the towels and sheets. None of them stunk.

Then I looked at the shoes.


There was a dead mouse hanging halfway out one of Hubby’s shoes.

Good thing I’m not the squeamish type. Poor mouse. Based on where the shoes were sitting — close to one of the girls’ favorite hunting spots — I’m guessing they chased him/her into one of the shoes. It probably hid from me and then became trapped in the bag.

Of course, I had to take it down to the basement to show Hubby. Seconds later, K and Belle came flying into the workshop, noses in the air, looking for their mouse! LOL!

I was nice enough to let them both see the deceased before giving Mr. or Mrs. Mouse an abrupt burial at sea.

Let the Laughter Begin

Monday night, after the kids left, I went out to see a movie (August: Osage County) and have dinner with friends.

Selfie (courtesy of Kelly Ann)
Selfie (courtesy of Kelly Ann)

Kelly Ann captured this shot at dinner. L-R are Kelly Ann, Donna, Janet, Dottie, and me. The movie was awesome. Dinner was good. But the best part? We laughed. A lot. This is a fun group of ladies. 🙂

And that was my Monday.

Today should be sort of eventful. We’re supposed to get a good bit of snow. It JUST started, so I am anxious to see how much we end up with. The more, the better, if you ask me.


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