Blue Ridge Grocery Country Store

Several weeks ago, my friend, Dottie, and I rode our bikes out to Front Royal, Virginia for breakfast. (Here lately, I’ve decided if I don’t squeeze short rides in when I can, my poor bike will never get any exercise.)

We met at the Clevenger’s Corner Shell gas station about 10 minutes west of town. From there, Dottie led the way to the diner.

I generally tend to avoid Front Royal as traffic can get rather congested, but the diner is off of US-522, south and east of downtown.

1_diner sign
Front Royal Diner


What, no railroad car look?


Brochure Station


A Light Breakfast… LOL

The food was good. We did NOT eat all of it, in case you were wondering.

As we ate, I told Dottie I’d spotted a cute little store on the way to the restaurant that I wanted to visit on our way home. She was game, so we stopped.

Cute Little Store


I’m a sucker for cute country stores.

It was hard to tell whether or not it was open, so we went ahead and parked. Judging by the hours listed on the door, I still don’t know.

The hours of operation were a bit vague.

I’ve thought about this place a lot since then. I still don’t know if it’s a hobby store (as in we sell stuff and are open when we feel like being open) or just REALLY cool yard art.

I mean, how fun would it be to have a little model store like this solely as decoration?

I think I’ll submit it to the folks so they can check it out. I think it deserves a listing, don’t you?



Oreo Pig!

They even have a Oreo Pig for photo ops. Although, really, the whole thing is sort of a photo op.

Blue Ridge Grocery

Dottie couldn’t resist posing with the pig. I’m teaching her to appreciate roadside weirdness.

Dottie with the Oreo Pig

Isn’t it just the cutest little place?

Blue Ridge Grocery

We didn’t have long to linger. Plus, it was getting hot. So off we went.

Dottie and some pretty blue wildflowers on Ben Venue Road.

I couldn’t resist stopping for that flower shot.

So what do you think? Is it an operational store or yard art? Either way, I’m glad we happened upon the place.

6 Replies to “Blue Ridge Grocery Country Store”

  1. Whether it is yard art or a store, it looks pretty cool.

    That breakfast is huge. When you’re in the country you get country portions, lol.

  2. “Light breakfast”. I think that’s enough for the whole day!

    i like the little country store and wonder if it’s that or an antique/gift shop…

  3. Kathy:

    I couldn’t help but stare at all that food. I’m hungry right now. Wished I could put my hand in and grab some . . .

    That’s a neat hobby store I presume. Lots of collectors like to set those up the way they may have looked “years ago”

    bob: riding the wet coast

  4. oh, that place looks awesome!

    Attagirl for indoctrinating Dottie into the cult of roadside fabulosity. Welcome aboard, Dottie 😀

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