Until the Cows Come Home

There have been a few videos floating around the Internet showing that cows appreciate music. But this one is the best.



If you’re impatient, jump to about 1:00 and watch the dots on the horizon.

I still haven’t found a good spot where I can sing to a herd of cows to see what they do. One day I’ll test it. Really.

Goats aren’t impressed by my singing. That’s something I have tested. 🙂

I still like this video, too.


2 Replies to “Until the Cows Come Home”

  1. I thought this was pretty neat. I love how they all come running from way over the hill. With personalities like that it is hard to believe people still eat them, lol.

    1. I know what you mean. I try not to think about cows happily trotting across the field to listen to music while I am eating any sort of beef. LOL.

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