Forgotten LOVE

No one ever really forgets love, do they? Not permanently, anyway.

Like when you eat a hot fudge sundae perched atop a freshly made funnel cake and LOVE it. How can you forget that?

Funnel Cake Sundaes

Or, that time you not only enjoyed a moment with a special someone, but also managed to capture it perfectly on camera without really even trying.

Gaige jumping at Sunset Point
Gaige jumping at Sunset Point

Gaige is our middle grand child. During our visit to Washington in February 2014, we walked together to this little park called Sunset Point, hoping to see a sunset. What a LOVEly memory.

And what about faces? Who ever really forgets the faces of loved ones?

Nap, Disturbed
Nap, Disturbed

LOVE those expressions!

Or the excitement when your loved one, young or old, finally gets a toy they’ve been wanting for the longest time?

Hubby, shortly after arriving home with is brand-new Victory.
Hubby, shortly after arriving home with his brand-new Victory.

Why am I always taking pictures? Because capturing special moments is priceless. No matter how mundane those moments may seem to someone else.

I didn’t really forget this LOVE, either.

DuCard Vineyards' LOVEwork
DuCard Vineyards’ LOVEwork

I captured that one during our Mothers’ Day ride with Aunt Bertha. It’s at DuCard Vineyards in Etlan, Virginia.

Interesting and artsy, but not a favorite.


Blending In

The DuCard LOVEwork is artfully crafted, I’ll give it that. But it needs a stronger background. It sorta blends in. I’ll bet it looks awesome in Winter under a fresh blanket of clean, white snow.

I didn’t want it to get lost in the ride post. But then, I realized I don’t love it enough to give it a post of its own.

What I loved more was the vineyard’s location. Talk about stunning scenery on a gorgeous Spring day.

View from the Vineyard
View from the Vineyard


Pretty White Horse
Pretty White Horse

The few wineries we’ve visited in Virginia really are in gorgeous locations. Even if you’re not an oenophile  — yes, I had to Google “someone who loves wine” — some Virginia vineyards are worth a visit.

Of course, there’s a LOVE I’ll never forget. My Hubby. 🙂

Look what arrived yesterday.

Flowers from MY Love


How Sweet is That?


He is still having a fabulous time. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Richard. I really didn’t try very hard, which is one of those things that makes it even more memorable. As we walked to the little park, Gaige, who is a very energetic guy, was talking a mile a minute and skipping (either as punishment or for a fitness challenge, I can’t remember which). I was admiring the sky. When we got to the park, I told Gaige I was going to take pics of him jumping, sent him running off to a good spot, told him to jump, and I started shooting. The light was just right. And I had a cute little guy, more than happy to jump for me. 🙂

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