BBBC #18 – Fruit

In life, things are rarely as straightforward as they appear. It’s a lesson I learned ages ago. Unfortunately, it’s something I encounter frequently. Especially while I’m working. Tasks that appear as if they will be easy to complete rarely are. Questions that should be simple to answer usually have answers that spawn more questions.

Today’s prompt — fruit — is yet another example. It seems so simple. One short, five-letter word.

But it has like TEN different meanings. Or so.

First is the obvious meaning. The edible part of a tree or other plant that you can eat.

Sweet Grapes!

A photo posted by Kathy Kirkpatrick (@vatoadmama) on

I take all kinds of pictures, and I post a wide variety of things on Instagram. Lots of dog pics, of course. I often wonder if people who follow my feed are dismayed or amused by my sharing of random images. More likely, people just scroll past or unfollow me. LOL.

A couple of weeks ago I posted this image to see if anyone asked WHY I would post a picture of grapes. No one did. But then, it is sort of artistic, isn’t it? Two people liked it, anyway.

Of course, fruit also means the part of a plant that contains the seeds from which new plants can grow. Not all fruit can be eaten.

And, if I said, “Hey, look at the fruit!“, I could be talking about one of these:

A bowl of fruit.


This COULD be a gay man. Or just a hetero man with fruit on his head, acting fruity (as in nuts).

Of course, I would never call a gay man a “fruit.” Not only is it an outdated term, it’s also sort of derogatory.

A group of different fruits.


Eric (around 16) with his favorite Mom
Eric — the fruit of my loins — around 16 with his favorite Mom.

Talk about an outdated term. “Um yes, this is Eric, fruit of my loins.” That just sounds so wrong somehow.

Speaking of wrong… what an unusual prompt.

I couldn’t imagine having to learn English as a non-native language.

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  1. fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆 fruit of my loins 😆

    I don’t know why but you really cracked me up with that. Loins. What a horrendous word 😆 Now i’m going to be repeating it over and over in my mind all night. DAMN YOU, WOMAN! 😆

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