BBBC 27 – Specific Selfie

It’s sort of obvious that I am still playing catch-up, so I decided not to mention that particular fact any more. Okay?

I’ve never really liked the way I look in pictures. I guess my image of myself is just different than reality. But that’s okay.

I do take a lot of selfies, relative to some people, but they’re usually sort of wacky and fun (I think) and rarely show my whole face. Thursday, I did one for the Challenge.


I hate it. It’s silly, really. I know this. I mean, that’s me.

I AM getting older. I do have wrinkles. I am carrying around more body weight than I should be. I don’t wear make-up. I’m a casual dresser. But my body and its accouterments are just a vessel. If I looked like a lovely princess, I’d have to act like one. And I’d be willing to bet I enjoy life more than a stuffy ole princess. I even have my own Prince Charming.

Speaking of which, or whom…

We’ve had a bit of nice weather recently. Nice enough, in fact, that my PC and I went for a motorcycle ride on Thursday. Woot!!!

It was awesome. We rode out to Flint Hill to the Griffin Tavern and ate dinner on the patio. In March.

Afterward, knowing I hated the selfie I captured earlier, I asked the prince to take a picture of me for this post. Here’s what he captured.

The Beast
The Beast

Does that mean my handsome prince loves his motorcycle more than me?

Nope. It means he’s a smart-ass. I love him anyway.

Then he captured this lovely image.

ToadMama and Her Steed
ToadMama and Her Steed

My hair is really getting long. Soon, I’ll try an experiment. If it fails, I’ll just revert back to short, sassy, and very low-maintenance.

If it’s a success, I think there may be more selfies to come.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

6 Replies to “BBBC 27 – Specific Selfie”

  1. ToadMama, I’ve always been fascinated by the whole how we’re perceived by others versus how we perceive ourselves thing, not to mention how accurate our self-perceptions might or mightn’t be. And I’m not just talking about appearances here–I’m speaking of the entire self, personality and all. It’s mystifying.

    Ha-haa! At least you know who Mike’s other woman is… Victoria? 😉

  2. Kathy, you see, I think that your husband caught the ‘you’ that you don’t see. Lovely picture.

    I’ll bet that 99% of people wouldn’t be able to match the bikes to the people when you and your husband walk towards your bikes, right?

    Oh, talk about guts, if I had crafted the challenge, no way I would have included selfies.

  3. I was so excited when I heard we were going to get a whopper of an El Nino this year. Outside dinner in March? I’ll take it!

  4. I think your pics look great, and just like you! But I totally know what you mean…

    Do tell about your hair experiment! As you know, mine is short and easy too, but I’ve been feeling bored with it…

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