My Birthday Blizzard (continued)

As I said in My Birthday Blizzard post from earlier today, I love snow. That’s a good thing, because we got a lot of it. Over two feet!

My car under 26" of snow.

I took a lot of pictures. I deleted quiteย  a few of the images I shot, but still uploaded 229 pics to my Flickr page. The pics are from Friday, at the very beginning of the storm, through Sunday evening.ย  I have some good video footage, too, but that takes a while longer to process.

It was actually a pretty busy weekend. When it snows, I like to cook. We started things off right on Friday with Boiled Chicken Potpie. I made the noodles/dumplings extra thick. I also made twice as many as I usually do. It was fabulous.

Boiled Chicken Potpie

Saturday, the first thing we had to do was let the girls out in the snow.ย  If you didn’t see the video, go back to yesterday’s post. They didn’t stay out for very long, yet Meg and Belle were still covered in snowballs, which cling to the very fine hair on their bellies and legs. It was bad. It took a good while to clean them off. Knowing how much the girls like the snow, Hubby and I decided to give them quick haircuts before sending them back outside.

Before we did that, however, we needed some breakfast. I finally made the chocolate chip scones I’ve been wanting to make for weeks.

Chocolate Chip Scones

While I was making the scones, Belle and K were watching the birds. There were lots and lots of them in the yard.

Lots and lots of hungry birds.

The bigger black birds (Grackles) completely inundated the feeders. So Hubby sprinkled some birdseed on the back steps for the smaller birds. Belle and K were riveted.

K and Belle, watching the birds eat.

Meg would look at the birds every now and then, but she was most interested in the scones.

I likes scones.

Belle and K continued watching the birds.

Dark-eyed Juncos

These little birds are called Dark-eyed Juncos. They are northern birds who spend the winter here in Maryland. They are quite social and think nothing of hanging out on the step with two very interested dogs on the other side of the glass.

Me and the girls enjoying the snow.

As soon as the haircuts were finished, the girls and I went outside to play in the snow. It was over my knees by then. But I plowed my way through it anyway, helping to make paths for the girls and knocking the heavy, wet snow off as many of our pine trees as I could reach. I was out there for a long time.

Belle and K playing in the snow.

Meg wasn’t running around with the young girls, but she was enjoying the snow just as much.

Meg, full of birdseed and ready to go inside.

K doesn’t have a coat here. The only reason Belle and Meg were wearing them is because the snow sticks to their fur. The haircuts helped, but didn’t take care of the problem completely.

Belle, bird watching.

The girls spent hours chasing the birds, who seemed to know the dogs couldn’t reach them very easily. Look how close Belle is to the bird feeder. By the end of the day, all of the dogs were exhausted.

Blizzard Monster

The storm actually ended sooner than expected. But not before this blizzard monster crashed into one of Hubby’s hammock posts.

Post-blizzard Sunset

It cleared up just in time for a pretty, colorful sunset.

Onion Strings

Before I knew it, it was time to cook dinner, which was steamed shrimp and onion strings (really super-thin onion rings that are to die for!).

Steamed Shrimp and Onion Strings

After dinner, we watched several episodes of Sons of Anarchy, a TV series on DVD that Hubby got for Christmas. We also ate my special birthday desert.

Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Brownies with Peanut Butter Icing

Store-bought brownie bites with peanut butter icing are really good. Homemade brownies COVERED in peanut butter icing are sinfully delicious.

This turned out to be a pretty long post. So I’ll stop here. Maybe tomorrow I will talk about digging out.

For now, I think I’ll go have another brownie.


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  1. I saw the pictures on flickr earlier and was just waiting for a post to go along with them ๐Ÿ™‚ The brownie looks delicious! We made some today too but don’t have the icing. Maybe I’ll have to make more with the icing tomorrow.

  2. Yay! Fun pictures of the snow that I MISSED (which I actually am sad about missing, believe it or not). But now I need to see a shot of the dogs’ shaved bellies. Perhaps those shots are on Flickr, so I’ll go check now. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Amy, that’s really funny because I saw your pix on Flickr before reading about them, too. (-:

    Shan, we didn’t shave their bellies, just trimmed the hair really short. The snow has been fun.

  4. Love the blizzard monster! ๐Ÿ™‚ And those brownies looked very very very delicious – I could feel myself getting fatter just by looking at them, but I still kept thinking “I really really want some of those”….. Yummie!!

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