Happy Coincidence

When I visit my Flickr photo sharing space, the first image I see is always the last image I uploaded.

Sometimes, that’s good because it happens to be an image I really like.

If I visited my Flickr page at the time of this writing, this is the picture I’d see. NOTE: click on the image for a better view.


That toad picture makes me smile. Not just because it’s a toad, silly. Because of the way the light is hitting the toad.

For several weeks, this is the picture that occupied that spot.

K and Her Stoic Expression

That’s cool, too. K is generally way happier than she ever looks. I like this picture because it just tickles me how K always wears this serious expression, but at heart is such a goof.

Before that, for a little over a month, this is the picture that sat in that top spot.

Joey Stuck in the Snow

See the distress on his face? This was taken on February 12 when we had 40+ inches of snow on the ground. He slid off a short wall into a snowbank and got stuck.

Daisy Mae (one of my friend Carol’s cats) happened to be the top image for a little while, too.

Daisy Mae

Then there was the time K and Belle were in that position…

K and Belle Playing

I’m sure there’s some setting, somewhere, that would let me change what picture appears there. But I sort of like the way it works now. Why spoil that perfectly happy coincidence?

3 Replies to “Happy Coincidence”

  1. I’m not so sure that’s such a serious expression on K’s face as to more of a wait til you turn your back sorta look!… I LOVE Joey stuck in the snow.. made me giggle! Ohh, as for toads… they’ve hatched out at the greenhouse and are all over the place by the hundreds… tiny little ones!

  2. I really thought this post was going to end with…and sometimes its bad because I have shots like this…..

  3. Yes I can see why you don’t mind how the flicker account displays certain pictures. They’re all so good and interesting. Especially the toad in the sunlight and Joey stuck in the snow. (Joey’s getting lots of press lately, isn’t he.) Anyway thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

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