Since I knew we’d be spending the week at the WV place, I decided to fill the hummingbird feeder. You know, it only took those little buggers about two hours to find the thing! But that’s another story. This post isn’t about birds. It’s about flies. Some very BIG flies.

The weather was actually rather cool for a change (that was LAST week), so I spent the better part of each day working in my outdoor office. It just so happened that I hung the hummingbird feeder about 10 feet (3.33 meters) from my chair, which meant I got to watch them frolic while I worked.

As I observed the hummingbirds, I also noticed that there seemed to be quite a few butterflies around, too. So on Monday or Tuesday, I placed some watermelon rinds on the back patio thinking the butterflies would enjoy a refreshing snack.

Well, it wasn’t until Saturday that I finally noticed a butterfly on the watermelon. By then, of course, the watermelon was half-rotted and nasty. And there was also a fly hanging around.

Not just any fly, either. A very big fly.


For serious, this was a BIG fly. The biggest fly I am sure I’ve ever seen.

Yes, I zoomed in. But this is no photographic trick. Honest. It is simply a REALLY big fly.

Superfly II

A little while later, I noticed another one. Shortly after that, there were like eight of those big-ass flies chowing down on the putrid, slimy watermelon.

An entire flock of giant flies.

Weird, eh?

Superfly III

So just how big were these freakazoid flies? I’d say their bodies and wings combined were an inch and a half long. Those small black blobs in the background are regular flies. If I’m being generous, I’d guess one of the regular flies at about 3/8 of an inch long.

Wanna know how Superfly and Regular Fly would look standing side-by-side? I did. So I put this lovely little image together…

Superfly vs. Regular Fly

I told you it was a big fly.

The tip of my pointer finger, not including my knuckle, is an inch and a half long, too.

Just imagine a fly that size buzzing around and/or landing on you.


I think we picked a good day to come home…