It’s Only Natural

One cool thing about this time of year is that there are butterflies everywhere.

Caterpillars, too. We can’t forget that four-inch-long green guy that is still, six days later, happily munching away in our Charlie Brown pine tree.

Shades of brown.
Much happier-looking colors.
This one is only about 1 1/2 inches long. Look hard to see which end is the front.
Spread 'em!
Still munching, six days after re-homing.

Now it’s time to plan another motorcycle ride. We have to get some miles in since the season is winding down.

6 Replies to “It’s Only Natural”

  1. Recapture that thing, you crazy lady! Don’t you have an old aquarium you could put some dirt in and keep him all winter while he transforms?

  2. So I thought you should definitely share your pictures on Beth’s You Capture but I see that wasn’t as far as you should go. You should definitely have your pictures in National Geographic. First of all, what kind of eye do you have to have to spot all these varieties of butterflies? And second, what do you have to offer them to get them to pose like that. I’m so impressed.

  3. I wanted to email you but couldn’t find a way to do it. I’ve used a couple of your blog pics and a reference to your blog in my post. If it’s a problem, please let me know. Thanks, Mary

  4. Wow, lots of comments to reply to today…

    Jess, it finally moved on. It would’ve been cool, but I really didn’t see myself remembering this caterpillar in the dirt in June 2011! LOL.

    Michelle, I call them flutterbys, too, in my head. K loves to chase them.

    Mary, thanks for the nice comments. And for writing about my blog in your blog. You can share my stuff any time. Most of the nature pics are from our WV place. Our dogs insist that I walk down the driveway and through the woods with them, so I have lots of free time to look for stuff like butterflies, bugs and other crap. But I’m saving the latter for this week’s You Capture!

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