You Capture – Orange

This week’s You Capture theme was ORANGE.

My attempt at capturing some interesting photos of orange stuff was pretty lame. But at least I tried.

I just don’t get out enough.

One good thing, though. I did finally lose the inhibitions with regard to taking pictures at the grocery store/supermarket. Here’s proof.

Creative Soda Display

That shot would’ve been more relevant if they’d used the Orange Crush boxes to make the football guy. But at least there’s ORANGE in there. And you have to admit, the football player fashioned from Dr. Pepper boxes is pretty creative.

Fruity Wine Tags

Sunday afternoon, while making a pot of delicious French Onion Soup, I decided some wine was in order. I knew Shannon would agree, so I got out the wine tags to mark our glasses. I got to be the one with the ORANGE on her head. It’s there, really. There are some grapes, a banana, and an orange. I just HAD to take a picture.

Really though, despite the fact that this is October, and I’m sure 95% of the You Capture posts will feature pumpkins or squash, pumpkins were not the first thing that popped to mind when I saw that orange was to be the theme.

While it would have been cooler to go in person to see the first orange thing that popped into my mind, I couldn’t. I didn’t have time. And Hubby would have been upset if I’d gone off without him to see this particular orange thing.

Wanna know what it is?

The picture isn’t great, but it’s the best I could do.

The first orange thing that popped into my mind.

Since we spent a week riding BMW motorcycles through the Alps, I have become obsessed. I want one. I think an orange one would be pretty cool. Although they come in a pretty awesome blue-green color, too.

Can’t you see me on one of these? (I’ll have to lose the assless leather chaps, but it’ll be worth it.)

Do I get extra points for incorporating a self-portrait into the orange display? I should. Not that points are actually awarded or anything…

If you’d like to see lots of pictures that I am SURE are way better than my lame attempts, visit Beth’s blog for this week’s You Capture entries.

7 Replies to “You Capture – Orange”

  1. I LOVE the last picture the most! You DO get extra points for incorporating yourself in the picture, but; I don’t understand. Why would you have to lose the assless leather chaps if you got one of these?
    Oh, and what’s more orange than Orange Crush? And even your little wine tag is cute. I can clearly see the orange.
    I think you did a STELLAR job!

    1. Mary, you are so funny.

      Riding a dual-sport BMW in assless leather chaps would be like going to a Montana dude ranch and wearing a natty little black jacket and jodhpurs. You just don’t. You need to wear pants like this. If you have to have leather, you just wear leather pants. I’ll have to give some thought to buying leather or non-leather pants. Maybe I should do a poll here on the blog…

  2. Ha, yes, you should get extra points! I love that you were brave in the grocery store. I wasn’t. I snapped a very discreet photo of a huge Cheez-Balls display with my phone, but I didn’t post it. Maybe next time I’ll be brave…

  3. I like your orange finds. I too have taken my camera into the grocery….perhaps not since I got my DSLR-the little point and shoot was less, well, you know.
    Hope you get your orange bike. Ride safe.

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