Nothing is Cooking

One of my readers once said they enjoy my little quizzes or guessing games. So here’s one for you…

Any idea what this is?

Did you guess?

I’ll give you a hint. Look at this next picture.

Our concrete counter in 2007.

The kitchen counter at the WV place was the one thing we did that really didn’t work out very well. Hubby and I are NOT concrete finishers. We’ve never liked it, but we’ve lived with it.

Until now.

Our concrete counter in 2011.

Hubby spent last weekend in WV alone, using a jackhammer to dismantle the concrete counter. Then he removed the rest of the cabinets. (I’d helped him remove the wall cabinets the weekend before last.)

Here's what is left of the old kitchen.

He spent most of last week there, alone, so he could work on installing cabinets in the evenings. (A wife and three dogs would have totally been in the way.)

He actually got a heck of a lot done all by himself. But that’s my Hubby. He’s quite handy and way more motivated than anyone else I know.

The kitchen on Saturday morning.

Hubby loaded all of the boxes of unassembled cabinets and hardware onto the trailer by himself. He drove it to the WV place. Well, almost. He drove it to the community, but the roads were VERY icy. After a small incident where the truck and trailer jacknifed on the very first steep hill, blocking all traffic into and out  of the community for a couple of hours, he had to park the trailer. He wasn’t injured. In fact, it was over the course of the next two days that he had to make multiple trips back to the trailer, transfer the cabinet stuff into the truck, drive to the house, unload the cabinet stuff, and then repeat a couple of times. There were appliances, too.

I tell you, he’s awesome.

My amazing Hubby.

While he continued doing the hard stuff like building a small wall, assembling and installing more cabinets, hooking the appliances up to the electricity, etc., I once again assumed my customary unskilled laborer role. I got to do drywall finishing and painting.

This is what the kitchen looks like now.

There’s quite a bit left to be done, but that’s not too shabby for one guy over a week’s time.

The weekend wasn’t ALL work and no play. The girls were there after all. And they had a visitor.

Their friend, Buddy, came a calling.

I was happy to see a couple of bluebirds.

A bluebird!

I took the girls for their walks as usual. This is one of the two bluebirds I saw. He was sitting on the power line above our driveway.

Meg waiting for me to walk up the hill.

It’ll probably take a few weekends to get the kitchen completely finished. But it will be SOOOOO nice to have a dishwasher, new cabinets, and nice cooktop.

Belle and K waiting in the truck as we prepare to leave.

All in all, it was a pretty productive weekend.

Can you believe how much work Hubby got done all by himself?

5 Replies to “Nothing is Cooking”

  1. I swear, my first instinct was to guess “concrete”, but the next millisecond I was like, “but that’s not rebar?”. Way to go Kathy’s hubby! Looks like it’s going to be fabulous!

  2. Wow, I am impressed at how much was done in a week!! The new kitchen already looks VERY cool. Ask Mike if he ever wants to do some handywork in Belgium, in return for food and lodging. 🙂

  3. I see why nothing is cooking! That’s a project alright. We are currently in the middle of redoing our bathroom and laundry room, which means the toilet is back in, (Yeah!) but no door, and I have no usable washer or dryer. Not good! My husband is handy but not exactly motivated like yours!

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