You Capture – Cold

This week’s theme for You Capture is COLD. Fitting, eh? Especially considering we’re in the middle of what feels like a never-ending winter. I am not usually one to complain about the cold, but, jeez. Enough already!

My “cold” images are below for your viewing pleasure.

From a cold, dreary, not-quite-freezing morning in the mountains.
Enough with the cold already!
I am so tired of seeing this when I look out my back door.
May the force be with you!

Do you see a Storm-trooper when you look at that snowy grill shot? Or is it just me? I actually captured that one about a week or so ago after having to go outside around midnight to drag my rodent-obsessed dog in so we could go to bed.

Snowy Night

Now that last picture really says cold! I didn’t actually shoot it specifically for this week’s entry. But after looking at it this morning, I was compelled to share it. I shot it through the glass of our back door. I found it quite intriguing to see the stove reflected pretty much dead-center. The stove was not beside me, but about eight feet away on my right. So how did it end up in the middle of the frame? Weird. The white streaks are snowflakes, by the way.

To see how everyone else captured COLD this week, pop over to Beth’s site and follow a few of the links.

11 Replies to “You Capture – Cold”

  1. It does look like a stormtrooper! That last photo is almost eerie. I’m glad I live in Texas (even though we’ve had snow days two weeks in a row!).

  2. Jess, cold is definitely relative. It’s supposed to hit 50 here Sunday and I am SUPER excited. That would be like a tropical vacation for you!

  3. I am with you 150% on the grill face!! I actually thought, – “ha, looks like it’s mad” before i read the paragraph below it 😆

    ..thinking warm thoughts… thinking warm thoughts… thinking warm…

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