Over the past several months, I’ve neglected my blog friends horribly. I’ve been trying to catch up on all my favorite folks when I have a few spare moments here and there.

I miss reading about Jess’s crazy farm life and seeing her beautiful pictures. I don’t know what it is about that first feet photo. What? You didn’t click on that link? Do it now!

I also miss her photography experiments. The woman is talented. Yes, she’s got adorable kids, but the way she captures them in photos is a pure delight to see. And don’t you just LOVE that coffee cup shot? Matted and framed, that would certainly make a nice piece of art in my home!

If you would like to see more of Jess, you’ll just have to visit The Old Nichols Farm yourself. Be sure to let her know who sent you!

L-R, Ralph, Robin, Me, Amy, and Shannon

I also miss my friend Shybiker’s fashion forays. Not because I am all that into fashion (have you seen my collection of t-shirts lately?), but because I love seeing happiness on that face. And reading the funny stories. Some folks are confused by Shybiker, who describes himself as “… a lawyer who enjoys motorcycles, fashion and film. Oh, and I’m transgendered.” He has an amazing story. Ralph is one of the kindest, most articulate, caring, most intelligent people I have befriended via the Internet.

Shannon, Amy, and I were lucky enough to meet Ralph and his lovely wife, Robin, on our trip to New York this past Spring.

For a peek into Ralph’s life and better understanding of the person, you’d have to read the blog. If you want a quick glimpse, have a look at one of the recent profiles (scroll down after you click the link) that appeared on another person’s blog. The level of honesty and openness is amazing.

I saw a quote on one of his posts recently that, due to recent events, really resonated with me…

I’ve learned you can’t predict the future; the best you can do is put one foot in front of the other and head in directions you hope will be fulfilling.

– Shybiker

I’m so glad to be back in the fold. Hopefully, I won’t get so behind in my reading ever again.

Be sure to visit Shybiker when you get a chance. Tell him his buddy, ToadMama, sent you his way.

We're Still Hot

There’s also my girlfriend, Tracey, who really seems to have found her calling in the blogosphere as the very creative talent behind Granny Trace Scraps and Squares.

I’ve known Tracey for over 30 years. She’s one of those people who does, and does, and does for everyone around her, yet seldom carves out time for herself. That’s finally changing though. Hallelujah!If anyone deserves her own slice of happiness and love, it’s Tracey.

She’s the friend who taught me how to sew. What? You didn’t know I could sew? Stay tuned. I finally have a space to call my own. A sewing room! I can have the machine readily accessible and all the materials at-hand for those few spare moments I get to do fun stuff instead of stuff that has to be done.

And we can’t forget Rachael (aka Fuzzy), who is the coolest biker chick ever. Except she’s about as much of a “biker” (bad-ass, leather-clad, tattoed, Harley-riding, etc.) as I am.

She’s a motorcyclist. And a photographer (oh yes you are!). And a Mom.

Photo courtesy of Rachael (of Fuzzygalore fame)

She and her main squeeze recently did a motorcycle tour of northern California. It’s so much fun living vicariously through her. If you’d like to see some of the very cool California pics mingled with very entertaining commentary, follow this California link. Or visit her main page at Oh yeah, did I mention that she just got a new Tiger? It’s gorgeous

Now, if I’m being honest, I must admit that I haven’t caught up with everyone.

I told you I’ve been squeezing these sessions in, right?

Next on the list is Jade Keller of Tasting Grace. Her beautiful words, honesty, courage, serenity, and photography, among other things, inspire me. I’ll catch up, soon. I really have missed you.

Then there’s Ann Marie, the Household Diva.

And Mary at Musings of the 60s, the coolest Grandma ever, who I really feel horrible about losing touch with. Especially now that I’ve learned she’s gone through quite an emotional ordeal of late that still isn’t over.

Mary has 20 grandchildren. Yep, 20. That’s a lot! And quite an amazing family. And she does some of the best birthday posts ever. For all of them.

Lots of love and hugs are coming your way, Mary!

Don’t forget… if you go to visit with any of my friends, let them know ToadMama is alive, well, and finally back to following.

Thanks for stopping by!

4 Replies to “Snippets”

  1. I’m blushing! Really!

    Oh my… I never expected this. You are so kind, so sweet. Your feelings are so bare that I’m blown over by them. Thank you, K. A lot. It’s a privilege to be your friend. Lucky me!

  2. Its speaks volumes about you that even though you’re busy as all get out – you have time to share kind words about your friends. Thank you. Really…thank you so much <3

    And thanks for tipping us off on new things to read!

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  3. Thank you too Friend!
    Your the best and the hottest on of all in your nightgown!! hehe
    I can’t wait to see that star quilt you are gonna create with all that beautiful fabric you’ve been collecting.( in your new sewing room)
    Thank you also for getting me started in the BLOG WORLD!
    I just love it.
    Love Your Forever Friend

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