I Had to Drop a Matty B Remix

This morning dawned cold and dreary. It was the sort of morning where all I really wanted to do was stay in bed. But I knew it was a workday. So I brewed some coffee and plopped myself in front of the computer to ingest the steamy brew.

There was nothing interesting in the news. So I just clicked my way around the Internet. People post some really whacky stuff.

I mean, I came across some stupid stuff. But then? Then I stumbled upon a treasure.

Said treasure being Matty B who has got to be the baddest 8-year-old ever.

“Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning GOOD.” (Do you know who said that?)

He raps. It’s awesome. He covers popular rap tunes using his own alternate lyrics.

It sort of takes you back to the day when rap lyrics were fun. When “dirty” lyrics included things like “…and Rip Van Winkle fell the Hell asleep.”

Painful, right?

Nowhere near as bad as that gangsta rap stuff.


Matty’s raps are cool. In case you can’t understand him, here’s the opening lines of this cool little video.

People rappin ’bout their cars. And they money.

Why would you rap about your stuff?

Now that’s just funny.

Course their treasures ain’t like mines.

My stuff’s sick.

So I had to drop a Matty B remix.

Now, some of you won’t enjoy this. But that’s okay. Cause I know some of you will.

I just LOVE the chauffeur.

Check it out, yo!

If you think he’s awesome and need to see more, he’s got his own YouTube channel. Some of the other ones I like include…

Oh yeah, there’s also a cute clip of his first radio interview where a DJ asked him if girls were all up in his ish.

I guess I really am old. I have no idea what an ish is…

4 Replies to “I Had to Drop a Matty B Remix”

  1. Unbelievable! He is so cute!

    Just so you know – my favorite quote of the week “Good lord, what kind of job did he have anyway? Chimney sweep?”. I tell everybody!

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