Grumble, Grumble, Bleh

I woke up ungodly early this morning. Really. It was 5:15. I thought about rolling over and going back to sleep. I mean, the dogs were even still all sleeping. But I had to pee. Plus, I knew if I did go back to sleep, I probably wouldn’t wake back up until about 8:00 and then most of the morning would be GONE.

Isn’t it odd how the older you get, the more you hate to waste your mornings in bed?

Anyway, I got up.

First thing I noticed was that our thermometer appeared to be broken. It had been registering the same temperature since yesterday afternoon. Or so it seemed. Every time I looked at it, the darn thing said 31. Until I told Hubby about it. He looked and, of course, the thing said 32. Of course. It’s Monday. A rainy Monday at that.

At least I had some good coffee.

It wasn’t Maui Grown Coffee. That just happened to be my mug of choice this morning.

With my coffee, I had some yummy strawberries.

How is it that the strawberries I have purchased in December and January taste better than the strawberries purchased during the summer? That’s just wrong. They’re from California, too. I think. (I’ll check the label later and if I am wrong, I’ll let you know.)

That’s a very unflattering picture of Meg. It looks like something you’d see on some crazy paranormal show. Although, she was pissed. Either because I wouldn’t give her a bite of strawberry or because K was hogging my lap.


On another note, Amy, our middle child, thinks she found me the perfect frog.

Click on the image and you’ll get views from different angles. She’s even wearing assless leather chaps.

I have to admit, that’s pretty funny. But I have ditched the assless leather chaps for real riding gear. So she won’t work. But thanks for thinking of me, Amy!

And now, since it’s Monday, I have to get to work.


4 Replies to “Grumble, Grumble, Bleh”

  1. I was up super early this morning, too. And it’s cold and rainy and Monday here in SD also, so we’re in that boat together.

    Did you use a particular filter for your pictures today? They look a little different than your shots normally look, particularly the one of Meg, but all of them, really.

  2. Shan, all of today’s pics were taken with my phone camera. I was feeling a bit lazy and that was at hand. 🙂

    Jess, I still have the ALCs, I just save them for special occasions. Like Halloween, maybe.

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