Let It Snow, Already!

22 Jan

Mother Nature has been teasing us. All winter. If you can call it winter. We’ve hardly had any really cold days, much less measurable frozen precipitation. Of course, those two things are pretty closely related.

Friday night into Saturday, we had a winter weather event. First it snowed. Not much, unfortunately. Then it rained. And it was cold enough that the rain became freezing rain. Which left a densely compacted layer of ice.

Yes, ice.


Snow, I love. Ice? It’s no fun. Just ask my dogs who missed out on both of their walks yesterday and one walk already today. Things are just too slippery.

They’d be fine, of course. It’s me I’m worried about.

Here are some shots of our world, which I took yesterday morning.

The Front Porch

Icy Bush

Our Sidewalk

Another Icy Bush

Clean Street, Icy Sidewalks

Cold Man

Cold, Surprised Lion

This shot is my favorite. I love the expression on the lion’s face. It looks to me like he is saying, “Help! I’m frozen and I can’t get up!”

Warrenton Courthouse

Now THAT Looks Cold

Icy Sidewalk

Accumulated Ice


Look at the roof of that car to get a better idea of the thickness of the ice.

Frozen Greens

South Sixth Street

Our Driveway

It’s a good thing the streets got plowed. Otherwise, they would have looked like our driveway and I wouldn’t have gone anywhere yesterday.

It’s still cold today, so not much has melted. Tomorrow, it’s supposed to warm up. They say February will be our month for snow. Will we have another Birthday Blizzard maybe? That would be awesome. NOTE: If you follow the Birthday Blizzard link, you should watch the video. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

Then, if you are really bored, you can look at my large collection of pictures from that snow event.

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  1. Nice shots around Warrenton. I used to live up in that direction, in Front Royal. Went to high school up there. Winters were always a bit of a shock lol. But I think I liked 3 feet of snow at once and then clear skies as opposed to the drizzle and rain we get now in Frankfurt.

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