For the Love of Pete

We’ve had some rather odd weather this year. Springlike. Which would be okay if it weren’t January and February.

The birds are confused. All the American Robins have emerged from the swamps. There are bulbs sprouting everywhere. It’s just weird.

Of course, it couldn’t last. Saturday night, a cold front swept through to bring us back to reality. It was 20 degrees when I walked the dogs this morning.


I’ll take it, though. Sunday morning was colder than that.

At one point, I walked past the front windows and noticed that the yard was full of birds. And there was this one industrious little Black-capped Chickadee that fascinated me.

He (or she) was quite intent on getting food off of this bush, which I think is some sort of holly. But I could be wrong.

I know these pictures aren’t great, but considering I was shooting through a window and a screen at full zoom, they’ll do.


I really like that shot. It’s as if she (or he) were smiling at me.

American Robins

Since they’re typically thought of as the first signs of Spring, most people don’t realize these birds don’t really migrate. They tend to hang out in the woods and swamps and stuff during the winter.

It wasn’t long before my shadows noticed the birds, too.

Meg, Bird-watching

They are bird dogs after all.

Acting Like Bird Dogs (for a change)

They seemed happy enough watching from the window. But I think they, too, are anxious for Spring.

Which is where my title came from…

For the love of Pete, come on and get warm already!

3 Replies to “For the Love of Pete”

  1. So…this may be a dumb question…the first few shots, the ones taken through the window and on full zoom, do they look “wavy” like that because of it or did you use some sort of effect on them? I realize “wavy” isn’t a very technical term, but it’s the only way I know how to describe it. 😉 I’m asking because I actually really like the way it makes the picture look.

  2. Shan, it’s actually a combination of factors. At full zoom, the slightest movement blurs the image. Couple that with the light hitting the window (a little) and looking through the screen and you get that blur effect. I sort of liked it, too, which is why I went ahead and posted what would normally be considered crappy shots.

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