You Capture – “Looking In”

My string of rather uninspired You Capture entries continues.

This week’s theme was “looking in.” I’m sure some folks managed to get really creative with that one. I was not one of them. I do like my capture though…

The girls were looking in the door at me after our walk. I think that’s their “oh no she has the flipping camera again” faces…

This is where I usually link to Beth’s site. But when I tried to visit this morning, I got an attack page warning from Google. I’d rather play it safe than sorry, so I won’t be linking up this week. Hopefully the issue gets resolved. This photo challenge stuff is fun. Mostly. It’s more fun when the old brain can actually think of some way to interpret the theme.

3 Replies to “You Capture – “Looking In””

  1. Michelle, just as I was reading your e-mail, Belle ran up the steps and poked me. It’s dinnertime! Can you believe she’ll be five this year?

  2. wow how time flies boy I miss that little girl. Hope to see you at the ABR picnic in May it is in Annapolis MD. You should have gotten your evite.

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