The Blank Slate

Last December, by “last” I mean 2011, I went to my friend Tracey’s house for our annual Christmas get-together. That’s when I bought this cute little bench. Not at her house. She took us to a cool store over near Gettysburg.

The Breakfast Room Bench

I think it’s a reproduction old church pew. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be perfect for either the foyer or this spot by the back door (in the breakfast room), where we keep our shoes, jackets, and dog-walking equipment. And I was right. It’s the perfect spot to sit and put your shoes on.

It actually fit perfectly. The problem is, we tend to amass quite the collection of shoes there. It’s a bit unsightly and goes completely against Hubby’s natural tendency toward order.

So he decided to make a new bench.

Now, craftsman that he is, he usually tends to work with fancy hardwoods that I am not allowed to paint. But I asked him, nicely of course, to use the kind of wood that I can paint.

I can paint hardwood, but not without him cringing and complaining loudly and often about me destroying the natural beauty of the wood.

Anyway, he decided to acquiesce and build a new bench for us. He used wood he knew I’d paint (makes me happy) and designed it to hide our shoes (makes him happy).

New Bench
New Bench

You don’t see any shoes, right?

How about now…

Shoes Exposed
Shoes Exposed

Now I just have to paint it.

A blank slate. Sigh…

I’ve decided on a color. The trick will be fitting it into the schedule.

As for the original bench…

Original Bench
Original Bench

It doesn’t work in the foyer. So it’s bye-bye cute little bench.

I hope I can find a home for it!

10 Replies to “The Blank Slate”

  1. Nice bench! It doesn’t look like it’d be deep enough to hide those shoes, but clearly it’s doing the trick just right. πŸ™‚

  2. Awww….I love that old bench. I wonder if I could find a home for it in my already cluttered house? And maybe hang my new coat racks above it?? Hmmmm……

  3. Now that painting project will keep you out of trouble for a little while.

    Great job on the bench Hubby. Or should I call him ToadPapa? πŸ™‚

  4. Brandy, your comment cracked me up. I love “ToadPapa”! Hubby was not so enamored with the name though. But it was funny!

  5. Your hubby is so very talented and skilled. That bench is the perfect solution for it’s purpose. I can’t wait to see the finished (painted) product!

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