Oh, the Places We’ll Go

Last year, I barely put any miles on my motorcycle. It’s sad, really. Especially since I enjoy riding so much.

Hubby clocked more miles, but only because he rides his bike to and from work when he’s required to go to the office (he usually works from the house like me).

We’ve both been missing our weekend getaways, which were always very special to us. So this year I am determined to schedule some actual trips. Overnighters instead of simple, ad hoc day trips. Which usually means at least two days of riding. But where to go?sport-ou-tourisme-un-seul-club-motorcycle-club-de-france-hires


I’ve been telling my Aunt Bertha for two years that we need to do a group ride in Pennsylvania. She and I did manage a short ride together last June, which was fun. But we’ve been wanting to get the rest of our motorcycle-riding family members together since she bought her Spyder.

My cousin Bob rides a large Harley Davidson. Bob’s brother-in-law, Jeff, married to Bob’s sister, Maryanne, also my cousin (duh!), rides a Honda Goldwing. Jeff and Maryanne have traversed the US on that thing. Bertha’s cousin, Amos (my second cousin or great cousin?), rides a Goldwing trike. I think another cousin (Rod, maybe?) who I haven’t seen in years rides, too., but I’m not sure what sort of bike. A good friend of Bob’s rides a smaller Harley.

Of course, Hubby and I have our matching F650GSes. Can you picture this motley crew of bikes?


There are two motorcycle bloggers in New York that I befriended years ago. I’ve met Ralph in person, but haven’t met Rachel in-the-flesh yet. We had a meet scheduled for Fall of 2012, but things came up and it didn’t happen. I’m really hoping 2014 is the year for that. Of course, I’ll be riding my bike north so we can log some miles together.


In late-2010, Hubby and I took our final trip on those big-ass cruisers we used to ride. We headed south through West Virginia and west into Kentucky before heading back north and east through West Virginia again. Our second day of riding took us past Breaks Interstate Park, a place I’d never heard of before that day.

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Which is no surprise considering how far away from us and remote the place is.

Anyway, we’d stopped for lunch at a Hardee’s in Grundy, Virginia, and a nice, chatty older guy told us we should go there. Not knowing anything about the place, and since we were sort of tight on time, we didn’t listen. Later, at our hotel, I looked it up on the Internet and wished we had stopped.

According to their web site, the 4,600-acre park, which the Kentucky/Virginia border, encompasses a five-mile gorge, carved by the Russell Fork River, that plunges 1,650 feet. The area is known as the “Grand Canyon of the South.” Sounds perfect, right? I’d really like to squeeze that one in, but it’s a good distance away, so will require multiple days. We’ll see…


There are quite a few places I want to see that are closer, which means we’re more likely to get there. They are…

To be honest, though, our rides are typically about the journey, not the destination. So we’re just as likely to head down into Wytheville just to enjoy the rides mentioned in my Horn of the Cow post, as we are to go anywhere specific. Although, since Wytheville isn’t terribly far from Breaks Interstate Park, we could tie one of my to-be-seen destinations in with some of these to-be-ridden roads. Which is usually what we do, anyway.

Wow, I could daydream about upcoming rides all day, but I really need to get to work.

Are there any must-see places or must-ride roads in Virginia/West Virginia that you would recommend?

6 Replies to “Oh, the Places We’ll Go”

  1. Kathy:

    It’s amazing when you meet another blogger. It’s like deja vu, like an old friend whom you haven’t seen for years. When we were in CT last summer, I got a message from Rachael but she couldn’t take time from work and we were heading North and getting farther away, so we missed her too.

    Missed you too due to your work deadline even though we had it arranged ahead of time. I missed a few others too but it should be remedied either this year or next . . .

    we are just as anxious for you to go for your weekend trips as we we know you are going to take lots of photos to show us all what’s there

    Winter is a time for planning

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Bob, I debated adding our meet-up, but I know you’ll be in a car and I probably will, too. Your route will take you a bit west of here. But we’ll play that by ear. My work schedule is very unpredictable since I rely so heavily on others for input, so one never knows what any given day will bring.

    Thanks for the kind words about my pictures. I do love the outdoors, but love it more when temps are above freezing.

  3. Kathy:

    Work is more important as we need to pay our bills and we need a source of income to do the things we want. If I was not with other people I would have waited a day or so for you, but my time was not all my time as I have to be considerate of others. Think on the bright side, you will get to meet Mrs Skoot on this trip.

    I also prefer warmer temperatures. I don’t mind riding in the cold but I worry about slippage (ice/frost)

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. We go through phases, when different activities predominate. Nothing wrong with that. If you want to return to riding, you will. And coming north to see Fuzzy and me would be great! I’d carve out time for you. And you’ll luv the Fuzz. I’m going to her birthday party next month. She’s a sweetie.

  5. Overnight trips are on our list this year too. Last year neither of us logged many miles compared to previous years. We really hope to change that with some overnighters.

    You are a step ahead though as you’ve found some destinations, we still have a hard time coming up with them.

  6. All last year I waited for my hub to go on weekend getaways, but he never got around to it. He let is passport expire and mine has been sitting in a drawer for a year now. This year I am going to use it and venture down the Coast I think. We shall see what warm weather brings.

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