The Dragon Master

I am now a Dragon Master.That’s what they call folks who have ridden Virginia’s Back of the Dragon, a sweet 30+-mile stretch of road that crosses three mountains between Marion and Tazewell, Virginia.

It’s the sort of route motorcyclists like me daydream about. Here’s a Google Maps link of the location.

We started at the southern end on VA-16 outside of Marion, VA, just north of US-11, and rode north.

I ended up with about 42 minutes of video, which I edited down to this video, which is just under 10 minutes long.

There’s music, so check your volume before clicking PLAY.



Do let me know if you enjoyed the virtual ride-along.

2 Replies to “The Dragon Master”

    1. Thanks, Richard. I’m glad you enjoyed it. One of the downfalls of the helmet cam is the sheer amount of time it takes to edit what you have captured. I was hoping folks wouldn’t find it to be too much. At least I know one person approves.

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