Taking a Back Seat

Are you itching to see more pics from Europe? Sorry, but that trip report is being interrupted.

It — and me — are taking the back seat for now.

Can you guess why? Maybe these pics will help…








Three unhappy dogs and one happy husband. Have you guessed yet?

Road trip!

And I’ll be riding on the back seat of Hubby’s bike. Because every man enjoys having his hot wife behind him, sharing his ride. Even if “hot,”  in my case, just means perpetually overheated.

That Hubby of mine has been looking forward to long road trips on that shiny, new, big-ass cruiser of his. This trip is a test.

I’ll do my best to post pics from the road. Wherever it may be taking us…

9 Replies to “Taking a Back Seat”

    1. Richard, I probably will. LOL. It rained for the first three hours. By the time it was dry enough to take pics with my phone, the battery was dead. Maybe I can share a pic or two tomorrow.

  1. Has it been a while since you’ve ridden pillion? It is so different after riding your own bike.

    I think our menfolk like us to ride pillion every once in a while so we can snuggle up close for the ride.

    Have fun and take lots of pics.

    1. Brandy, yes, but I adapt quickly. The last time was way back before we bought our BMWs. Hubby rode his Kawasaki Vulcan to OK and I flew down to meet him for a ride around OK and AR. It’s actually quite relaxing. I don’t have to think AT ALL. My mind wanders in even stranger ways when I don’t have to think about driving.

  2. I have to say on a big ass cruiser like that the back seat has to be pretty darn comfy! I wouldn’t mind riding on the back if it was a BarcaLounger type seat. Have fun!

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